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To Supplement or Not to Supplement?

If you are any kind of fitness or health related individual, you know this industry focuses a lot on supplements, right? You have probably heard countless negative and positive reviews and noticed hundreds of products from protein powders, pre-workout powders, post workout powders, during workout powders, all of which can come in a pill form… Continue reading To Supplement or Not to Supplement?

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Fitness Journal / Log

Hey Guys!   If you get a chance, and have $5, go purchase my fitness journal here. This 30 page  journal  has space to write how you're feeling, log your food and statistics, and keep track of your workouts. It's great for beginners and helps you get started with holding yourself accountable! Again, it's $4 plus tax. Pay… Continue reading Fitness Journal / Log

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5 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout

When I was first introduced to fitness, I began in a gym and worked out there for about a year before I changed paths and began working out from home. Not only was it more convenient (no more beating traffic and getting home late!) but I saw MUCH better results within two weeks of doing… Continue reading 5 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout

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Social Media: How do you market you?

QUESTIONS: What's up Fellow Pressers? I'm just straight chill'in here doing some research and thinking. I should receive my ACE materials on Tuesday and I am STOKED! I have been developing my website and have set up a professional photo shoot for August for photos to use on my website. Here's my thing: how do… Continue reading Social Media: How do you market you?