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We Bought Our First Home

I feel as if some of you are my online-family or digital-family (what up digi fam? 😎 ), therefore I feel open and moved to share details about my personal life. Yes, most of my personal life is about fitness, health, my dog, and my husband, but when small blessings happen whether career-wise, personal, etc.,… Continue reading We Bought Our First Home

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My Thought’s: Pink’s Lesson on Self-Acceptance

If you haven't heard or haven't read Pink's acceptance speech at the VMA's, check it out. What was an acceptance speech, turned into a heart-warming story about her 6-year-old daughter, Willow. Willow had made a statement to her mama, calling herself "ugly" and that she "looks like a boy with long hair". Coming from… Continue reading My Thought’s: Pink’s Lesson on Self-Acceptance

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From a Dangerous Low to an All Time High

Prepare yourselves! This will be a long post I'm sure. Actually I intend it to be because it is being written over a period of time to track my feelings as I go through the beginning phases of this process. I am about to get so real with you guys and for that, I hope… Continue reading From a Dangerous Low to an All Time High

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The Fitness Industry: Weighing in on the Negativity

For months now I have been battling with myself on a huge topic. I am in the final stages of getting my certification to be a personal trainer. I am wildly excited but also stressed because I'm having a hard time gaining exposure through social media. You see, my passion is helping people discover a… Continue reading The Fitness Industry: Weighing in on the Negativity

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Zucchini Chips Recipe

Welcome to today's #samplesunday! If you aren't already, be sure you're following our Instagram page @faithengenellis101 for recipes, tips, videos, and more!   Today we are bringing you Zucchini chips! Which were actually pretty good. Tip: Leave them out! I munched on a nice crispy one right out of the oven, but then I put… Continue reading Zucchini Chips Recipe

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Cloud Bread Recipe: Only 3 Ingredients!

Hey Fellow Pressers, Grammers, and all wonderful people!   We have another GREAT #samplesunday for you. This recipe will be highly useful yet super easy on your calorie intake and carb intake (for those of you watching that). Macro-watchers, I can see this being beneficial for your fat intake due to the use of eggs.… Continue reading Cloud Bread Recipe: Only 3 Ingredients!

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Deconstructed Egg Roll

Welcome to another recipe on this beautiful Sunday! You Pressers/Grammers are really going to love this one I think. You can interchange it for flavor differentiation and it's clean and healthy but tastes sooo good! You will feel like you're cheating on your healthy eating (Chinese takeout anyone?) but you won't be (who needs it)!… Continue reading Deconstructed Egg Roll

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Fitness Journal / Log

Hey Guys!   If you get a chance, and have $5, go purchase my fitness journalΒ here.Β This 30 page Β journalΒ Β has space to write how you're feeling, log your food and statistics, and keep track of your workouts. It's great for beginners and helps you get started with holding yourself accountable! Again, it's $4 plus tax. Pay… Continue reading Fitness Journal / Log