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My Thought’s: Pink’s Lesson on Self-Acceptance

If you haven’t heard or haven’t read Pink’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s, check it out. What was an acceptance speech, turned into a heart-warming story about self-acceptance….to her 6-year-old daughter, Willow. Willow had made a statement to her mama, calling herself “ugly” and that she “looks like a boy with long hair”. Coming from a 6-year-old, Pink was astounded by what she had heard, and she went home to make a PowerPoint for her daughter, of some of the greatest artists in history whom live their own truth. Through this, Pink explained to her daughter, to live her truth and not to change or conform society, but to help society to change and learn to love and accept all kinds of individuals as they are.

Here’s what strikes the largest cord in me: This little girl is only six and she is already identifying and scrutinizing “ugly” and “beautiful” by society’s standards. Now, it’s not Willow’s fault and it doesn’t sound like it is Pink’s teachings, it sounds like this little girl watches television, like most children do, sees advertisements, listens to adults, and probably hears negativity from her classmates. Already, this girl is identifying herself, not by what she can do or who she is, but by the way she was made. Her outward appearance. Which, for the record, I think Willow is precious and beautiful. She has these beautiful eyes and perfect eyebrows, and her smile is a bit mischievous, I love it! She is precious. In reality, could this little girl pass for a little boy? Well, she is a child and does not wear makeup, therefore if you dress her in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and hid her hair under a baseball cap, maybe she could be take for a boy. Many children can be mistaken for the opposite gender if you dressed them accordingly, but this is because they are not even close to growing! Truthfully, if I take all of my makeup off and wore boys clothes, some people may even mistake me for a boy. But why should a child even be thinking this way!?

Another issue I would like to point out is that I fear, and it’s probably likely, that one of her classmates said something to her. Whether it is as a child or as adults, we are (especially women) SO critical of everyone else. In order to make ourselves feel better, we tear each other down. What happened to women sticking together? What happened to surrounding yourself with those who succeed? What happened to empowering and lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down? Actually, we don’t even tear each other down anymore, we just maul right through them. I say ‘we’ because I am guilty of this sometimes too. I have gotten jealous over someone who seems to be doing better to me, but instead, I should have just been happy for them. Chances are, if I build them up and let them shine, in return, they will do the same for me when it’s my time. Lately I have been doing better than this, and I realize it’s not always easy because life can be unfair and sometimes we are very impatient. But I urge you to band together, look out for each other, and lift each other up. I have a friend, who has done nothing short of support and encourage me as I aim and work towards deeper affiliation in the fitness world and try to build some type of fitness career. She has never discouraged me and has always actively listened to me share my dreams with her, all the way she was excited and encouraging. In a couple of weeks she has a dream of her happening and I, without hesitation, told her I would be there to support her. Because the first thing that came to mind was how often she has supported me, now it’s my turn to return the favor. This is what we should be doing, not just as women, but as individuals, as a country, as a people.

Society view beauty very narrowly. We have super tall and skinny beauties, and we now have our unchievabley small waist, big bust and butt beauties. What? Do you know what percent of the universe fits into these categories? It’s small. Basically, you’re born with it or you have to undergo dramatic plastic surgery to obtain it. I mean, look at the Kardashian/Jenner (K)lan and tell me, honestly, that they don’t undergo routine and dramatic plastic surgery. If you want surgery, that’s fine, that’s you and you do what you want. But are you doing it because you really want to look that way because it’s just what you  want, or are you doing it because it’s what society says you want? Society can tell us blonde hair is pretty one day and we will all go out and get our hair colored, but as soon as that becomes “ugly”, we’re back having our stylist dye it brunette. If it weren’t for the media, our views of ourselves and each other would be so much more positive.

All in all, we were created individually, each of us containing a special trait, a unique personality, and individual looks. Each one of us should love ourselves and love one another, and inspire each other. Negativity only wears you down, while lifting each other up will make us all successful. I urge and challenge you, next time you want to feel jealous or say something negative, stop yourself, and do a positive action.


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