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How I Started My Fitness Journey

I don’t know that I have ever shared my story as to why  I chose this lifestyle. I won’t go deep into the details, however, I wanted to share with you guys why I changed my lifestyle and how it changed my health and my life.

The Illness

A few years ago, about 5 now, I was diagnosed with an illness that could, potentially, be life-threatening. Although it never got that far, thankfully, it was all because I changed the way I was living.

After much research, I found that there were cases of people beating this illness through a healthy diet, no alcohol, and all of this building up the body’s immune system, therefore, fighting off the illness entirely.

I was living like an average person just out of their teens: fast food, convenient, drink too much late at night, wake up late the next morning and cure the hangover with greasy fast food and way too much sweet tea (I am in the south ya’ll!).

Granted, I ran consistently in those days, but nothing could offset my poor diet. I constantly felt tired, I had many headaches, and now this.

When the doctor first told me, I was depressed for the first two weeks. I mean seriously depressed, constantly crying, I wouldn’t go out of the house, I was scared and just wanted to figure out how to pick myself up and move on from this point.

The Change

After my research, I decided that I was going to make a solid change. I wasn’t messing around this time. I would dedicate my time to a solid workout regimen and drastically clean up my diet and completely eliminate alcohol.

My motivation was pretty obvious at the time: do this or put your life at risk. That’s pretty substantial motivation I think. I started working out at the gym at least 3 days a week and I was picky about what I ate. I limited sugars and tried to eat as clean as possible. I made a big change very quickly.

As the months went on I wasn’t really feeling different, I had gained weight, and this worried me that I might actually be making things worse instead of better.

I attempted to make another change with determination in my head and my heart that I would be one of the few cases I had researched that completely beat this!

I started working out from my home. I wondered if, when I was at the gym, I felt like I was working out harder than I really was. There were so many distractions and moving from machine to machine took time. I wondered if I was able to motivate myself at home, if I would be better focused.

Sure enough, it worked. I began to lose weight which made me work harder and eat better. This kept me going and helped me feel as if I was making some progress.

The Checkup

When I went back to my doctor for a routine checkup, about a year and a half later, we ran through the tests again to see where I was, and to be sure there was no sort of progression.

I waited what seemed like forever to get my results back. I worried that everything I was doing was for naught, or worse, that this had actually progressed into something more.

I remember when my doctor called, I let it go to voicemail first. I prepared myself before I called him back. The feeling I had when he said I had beat this and I was healed was so surreal. Everything I did, actually worked! My immune system was stronger, my body was stronger, and I was healthy!

The Present & My Future

This lifestyle has turned into a passion of mine because I see that if I take care of my body, it will take care of me. It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of if we just care for them properly.

This lifestyle has led me to my passion and I want to share that with everybody! I want everyone to be able to experience true health, energy, focus and motivation. You are STRONG. You are BEAUTIFUL. Love your body for all of the amazing things it can do!



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