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Ways I Stay Fit at My Desk Job

Leading a healthy lifestyle is just that, a LIFESTYLE. As a personal trainer I am expected to lead by example. How can I tell you to do something and why, but not practice what I preach? Well, keep your trust in me fellow students, as I try very hard to lead by example. Mind you, I fall short often and I will admit that. But I try very hard to continue improving and moving forward. So much so that I truly hate my office job and how it keeps me tied at my desk. Lucky for you guys, your trainer is innovative and has a few tips and tricks to use when you yourself feel lethargic, unfit, or even lazy at the office. Read on for a few things I do during office hours to torch some extra calories, wake up my muscles, and get those extra steps in!


Namaste in the Office Late.

Office yoga guys…it IS a thing. A pretty big and helpful thing in fact. A few minutes of stretching things out can get your blood flowing and really wake you up. Let’s face it, staring at a computer all day is not very exciting and by the third cup of coffee you still feel like last night’s sleep was uneventful. Do yourself a favor, stretch and do some office yoga at least 5 minutes of every hour. This can be done while in your chair or you can stand and do it. Take some deep breaths in and out, and you will feel more rejuvenated. There are tons of examples if you just Google office yoga.


Hour Lunch/Walk?

I get it, we can’t really go to the gym on hour lunch hour. I work in a very professional office setting, I cannot get sweaty and come back to the office! But, I can bring a pair of Nikes with me and change into them on my lunch hour. We have a river trail behind our office building that is 9 miles long and has beauty, benches and picnic tables. If nothing else, I can take the walk down to one of the tables to eat my lunch. Sometimes, when I am finished eating, I will walk a little bit and then come sit back down and read. I am getting in extra steps that I would not have gotten if I had chosen to eat at the office or in my car.


Every Hour On the Hour.

You work on a computer, so create a reminder on your desktop to remind you to move! I went into the Task Schedular in windows and created a pop up that comes up every hour on the hour and says ‘Move!’ Now you are probably thinking, do you really need a reminder? Well, yes. Sometimes I get so involved in my work hours could pass before I get up again. I have to acknowledge this alert, at which point I, at the very least, stand and move around my office for 2-3 minutes. Do you know that if you walk around for 3 minutes every hour you will have nearly 30 minutes of activity from 8-5? HELLLOO!! That’s good! That’s before my actual workout routine and not including the other walking I do during the day or on my lunch. Move people, just move!


I’ll Take the Stairs.

Which brings me to the obvious choice, take the stairs. Now we don’t have a lot of stairs to encounter, but whenever I do encounter them or the elevator, I opt for the stairs. It gives you steps and it works your legs! No body ever wrote songs about big fingers from pushing buttons all day! They will not hurt you I swear. No one will push you down them. Just please, take them.

That’s just a few things I do for myself to add some activity to my daily routine and get some blood flowing at the office. What about you? Is there anything special you do? Will you incorporate any of these into your daily routine??

Thank you Pressers!

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