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ThredUp- My Personal Review

Welcome Guys!


It’s such a beautiful day here in North Carolina 🙂 After 3 or 4 days of non-stop rain (April Showers?) we are finally experiencing a nice, warm, sun shining day. For me this means a nice walk this afternoon post-workout. I need every bit I can since we are 2 WEEKS OUT FROM OUR WEDDING!!!

I have been meaning to review this company for some time now, but I am finally really doing it! Unfortunately my male readers, this is mainly for the ladies. Not that I don’t know men who love shopping, but ThredUp really only caters to woman and kids. For now at least.

ThredUp is an online thrift clothing store with a motto “Secondhand Clothes. Firsthand Fun”, which I believe all too well. I cannot tell you the countless clothes I have bought from them but it’s more than 1 of my closets full. I have 3 closets if that tells you anything. However, it’s rare that I spend more than $50 within a single order because their prices are amazing! They aren’t TJ Maxx or Marshalls prices but WAY better. Sort your findings by price: low- high and you will see what I mean.

The coolest thing, in my opinion, is that ThredUp has so many designer brands, I know one shirt I bought there (I can’t remember the brand now) was originally almost $200 retail and I bought it for $6! I have a GORGEOUS DKNY camel brown jacket I bought from them, it still had the tags on it, and it wasn’t even $10. If anything is wrong with any of the clothes, which can be the case, they will state it. There is also a “Basement” section which is clothes and accessories missing tags, labels, that contain flaws or signs of wear at an even larger discount!

I strongly urge you take a look at their stuff. As long as an item doesn’t say ‘final sale’, you can always return it for your money back or store credit. Now, do yourself a favor and  click this link. If you sign up here you received $10 to use towards your first order! $10 off here can actually be worth quite a bit.


Happy Shopping 😉


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