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5 of the Best Places to Visit in Greensboro, North Carolina & Why

Hello Pressers,

Today I thought I might share with you, some of my favorite spots in Greensboro, North Carolina and why they are so great 🙂 . If you live in the area, feel free to share your favorite spots, if not, please visit 🙂 . We love to welcome newcomers!

  1. First on our list is Edward McKay’s Used Books & More. By more, I mean WAY more.  Edward McKay’s actually has three download (1)locations: Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro. Years ago, I couldn’t have been much more than 13, they had a tiny store, not far from this one, by the railroad tracks. They then moved to this building which has a very large downstairs area as well as some space upstairs. I am not an avid reader, that’s more in my sister’s genes, but I like a good book every now and again. Edward’s offers thousands of books, many which I like to read with my fiancee when we go there to look around. We like the “sexual” section, I can’t remember the real name of it, but it has books to enhance your sex life. It enhances our sense of humor life 😀 . They also have video games, CDs, board games, consoles, laptops, text books, DVDs, and other items as well, and for GREAT, GREAT prices!
  2. Next up, Maxiede124eb924ce2fe48ccf16a5d2e4f39e B’s. If you visit Greensboro and think to try this place, make sure you’re good on time. Nine times out of ten, there is a line out the door. The girls are fast at getting people in an out though! They have so many delicious treats from cakes and pies, to cookies and pupcakes!  My dog has approved on multiple occasions. These freshly made cakes are my favorite and I think I have tried about half of the flavors(they have a ton!). Prepare yourself, when you request a slice of cake it will feed at least two people, possibly three. However, my fiancee and I typically get our own slice, eat what we want, save the rest, and later switch :). Two flavors, for two nights, and one price. Their decor is nice to. We have eaten in once or twice and it’s nice to sit in the comfy, plush seats and enjoy the gas logs by the entrance. Everyone has always been very friendly and they are quick to recommend a flavor if you just can’t quite make up your mind!
  3. Now that you have had your cake, whatls about a nice cup o’joe? Stop in at Geeksboro on Battleground Avenue, kick back and see what’s playing on the projector and sip on a nice, soul-warming cup of coffee! If you want a little more interaction, they have a ton of board games to pick from, free play!, and even video games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers. Check out their Facebook page too because they are constantly having some type of event from a their annual Harry Potter Ball to Comic Con events. If you’re not really feeling coffee and cake, hop on over to Hops next door and bring it back to Geeksboro to eat, play, and order a beer.
  4. Oh pretty days.Wedding_Gazebo_fs It’s warming up outside now and I can’t wait to take more walks at the Greensboro Arboretum. We like to find a grassy spot for a picnic and sun bathing, take walks, or play with our pup in this flawless atmosphere. It’s always quiet, except for the occasional baseball game in the field. In the center of the arboretum there are hedges that, when you find the hidden spot at the top and look down, are in the shape of two butterflies. Yes, I said hidden spot. Go there and find it yourself. As you walk the winding trails you will discover flowers, fountains, bridges and hideaways. Sometimes there will be yoga classes, feel free to hop in! Also, check out the over sized wind chimes and make them sing<3 . Side Note: Our engagement photos were shot here.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, we have ourCrafted-14 beloved Crafted the Art of Street Food. Crafted is a company of three locations, two Crafted the Art of Tacos, but only one Crafted the Art of Street Food. This place is located downtown and has a very eclectic atmosphere about it. From mismatched dishes, to serving popcorn as an appetizer(because who needs chips and salsa or bread, right?). The people are friendly and the food is delicious! The chef has traveled the world and taken foods from other cultures with his own spin on them, and he’s serving them all up here in one single place in our city! P.S. If you visit, be sure to try the street corn! Side Note: Both Crafted the Art of Tacos AND the Art of Street Food are catering our wedding reception. We pulled from both menus, that’s how good they are!

In summary, I urge you to visit Greensboro and try these places for yourself. Greensboro has quite a few gems, you just have to explore to find them 😉 .




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