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Review: Click Active Protein Drink Mix

Hey Guys!!

Welcome to today’s review 🙂 I am super ecstatic to share this with you today. I came across this company, Click, which is a coffee & protein company. They have some awesome products from weight loss coffee protein to coffee protein that supports sports nutrition.

If you are like most people, finding a protein mix that not only tastes good but also mixes well is a chore! I cannot tell you how many different brands I have tried within my lifetime. I have one go-to brand that I enjoy but even that one can make me queezy at the smell of it if I drink it too often.

When Click asked me to review their product I thought “What the heck? Sure. It’s coffee!” Although I have tried some absolutely DISGUSTING coffee protein drink mixes before, I figured all I had to lose was that this was another bomb and I just give a nice-let-down review on them, apologize that their product did not suite my taste buds, and move on.

Imagine my surprise when i took my first sip! They sent me their Click Active Whey Protein in Mocha Flavor, which has a double-shot of espresso. Now, I mixed two scoops of this deliciousness with 12 ounces of  Unsweetened Almond Breeze Almond Milk in my shaker bottle and shook that puppy up. I was expecting a grainy texture because I shook it and typically that’s how protein can turn out. This, however, turned out smooth and actually frothy on top, like a cappuccino. You can see the middle picture up top is my (half drank by that point) mixture and it is in fact smooth and still frothy I might add. At this point I couldn’t stop drinking it until it dawned on me…”How much sugar does this puppy have for it to taste like this??”

This stuff has 1 gram of sugar per serving guys. That is it! I think I can handle that pretty well. It also contains a whopping 25 grams of  protein in a 70/30 split of whey isolate and micellar casein combination. That means the protein contains 70% fast-digesting protein for greater growth and recovery, and 30% slow-digesting protein which will keep you fuller longer. 150 mg of caffeine and BCAAs are also included in a serving which will boost your alertness, add some oomph to your workout, and provide your body with some added nutrients.

I made mine as a cold, shaken beverage but I can imagine many ways to make this! In fact, Click has a list of recipes. Here they talk about how to make their protein drinks hot, cold, or blended. The possibilities are endless!

Final Thoughts.

I am very pleased. I will continue to drink this product and will actually purchase more when this is close to running out. While 21 servings in the canister sounds like a lot, I could myself drinking this stuff every single day because I LOVE coffee! I strongly recommend this product and encourage you to check them out! Go here to view their products and purchase today!


*I was sent this product FREE to try and review*

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