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April Lower Body Challenge


Hey Guys! Welcome to another blog post on Impressions & Expressions 🙂 Check out that photo up there ⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑ Go on Facebook and follow my page would you? If nothing else I post cool fitness vids, photos, blogs, and news to check out. Don’t forget about Instagram too!! @faithengen101.

Okay, today’s post is more than that though. Train with Faith is doing its first challenge and everyone is welcome to join! You can follow what we’re doing through our Facebook page or our Instagram. Beginning April 1st we are having a 30 Day Lower Body Fitness Challenge. What this means is that beginning April 1st, every day through April, we will post a new lower body move. The move will be a photo or a video of how to perform the move. With that, I will inform you on how many reps to do, a challenging number of course, and post a photo or video back at us of you doing the move with how many reps you did! On Instagram #aprillowerbodychallenge and tag us @faithengen101 and tag us on Facebook! There’s not a thing wrong with some friendly competition 😉 Let’s build an April Lower Body Challenge Community!

Please join us as we get our booties in shape for the upcoming Summer season! Nothing makes you feel more confident like a banging butt or some killer quads right? 😉



Love you Pressers ;-*


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