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Social Media: How do you market you?


What’s up Fellow Pressers? I’m just straight chill’in here doing some research and thinking. I should receive my ACE materials on Tuesday and I am STOKED! I have been developing my website and have set up a professional photo shoot for August for photos to use on my website. Here’s my thing: how do you get activity on your social media? I have been posting MUCH more on my instagram page and I have started posting videos to YouTube. I have my Facebook as well as my (still in beta). How do you get more attention? I want to get my audience built up so that when I AM certified, I have that recognition.


What do you guys think I could do to gain a larger audience? Also, for all you major photo takers out there: If you have bad lighting, how do you improve it? I don’t have a ton of natural light in my apartment and I think this might be hurting my image. Are potential followers turned off by my ba lighting and my living room in the background? 🙂


Let me know what you guys think and I am so open to suggestions. Thanks guys!! Later Pressers 🙂


One thought on “Social Media: How do you market you?

  1. Echt geil wie ihr Apple Jünger euch sofort retrtfehcigen müsst und wahrlich protestiert und aufschreit. TB hat halt noch ein paar Macken lebt damit ihr mimosen, get a life, echt…


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