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Paragon FitWear – Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Good Morning Fellow Pressers!

As you know fitness is my life! It’s my passion (along with puppies) and I strive to incorporate as much as I can of it into my life while being a full-time student and full-time employee. So every little thing I can do with fitness is a win to me 🙂

Recently I applied, went through a process and became a brand ambassador for a company, Paragon FitWear. Haven’t heard of them? OMG, check them out here. They are so great! Not only is their apparel and gear so cool (c’mon, I am constantly on the look for cool new fit gear) but their passion and their goals are similar to mine. They passionately believe in intrinsic motivation, which is the motivation to do something because you enjoy it. There are so many ways to get healthy and fit, but you’re more likely to stick with something when you enjoy it, right? I don’t run too often because I get bored, it’s not my favorite type of exercise. But I LOVE to jump rope, through punches, and lift weights, and I do it about everyday!

Paragon has the 3 C’s for adopting this intrinsic motivation: Challenge, Choice, and Connection. download

  1. Challenge: Challenge yourself and set ambitious, but realistic goals.
  2. Choice: Set your individual goals. Never strive to be like someone else. You are different. Do what feels right to you and remember: You are only ever competing with yourself.
  3. Connection: Connect with people who can inspire you. Join the #teamparagon community or become involved with other people who share your love for fitness


My point was to check out this brand if you haven’t already 🙂 Here is my ambassador link. Also, guys please feel free to follow me on Instagram @faithengen101 , I am constantly posting inspiration, workout videos and photos, and will be working on YouTube within the next couple of weeks. I love your follows, shares, likes, and comments.


Love you guys! :-*


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