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Wedding Stress

Good morning fellow Pressers!

Are any of my current readers getting married soon? I am and I am stressed out. We aren’t even having to do the whole venue thing, we agreed on a ceremony performed by a magistrate at the courthouse. It requires less planning and less stress on me at the moment. Yet here I am, still stressed!

We are planning a large party two days after we return from our honeymoon. The planning that goes into that alone is enough to stress me out! What with looking for a new career and finishing school, I feel suffocated. I am trying to get our cake in order, our caterer finished up, make sure I have everything for our centerpieces and enough fun things to do for our guests…don’t even get me started on our honeymoon.

I am overjoyed for our honeymoon, I really am! I cannot wait to be on the beach, with a nice breeze and delicious drink in hand smiling across to my new husband. I am just worried I will forget something and then I will stress the whole time we are there.

I just have too much going on at once. I was really hoping that before we get married, we would both find new jobs in the city and begin before our wedding. Then, we could begin searching for a home near there and make final decisions directly after our wedding. Our apartment lease runs out in June or July and I don’t want to resign with them! I also do not want to purchase a home if I am not confident on where our careers will be.

Speaking of, is anyone else as terrified of buying a home as I am?! What if we can’t find something we love AND can afford? What if we buy a home and have to move? Or it turns out that a lot of things are wrong with our new home? In an apartment when something breaks, they fix it. End of story. What if something breaks and we can’t afford to get it fixed? Maybe I am worrying way too much.

If any of you are going through something similar right now, am I just overreacting? I will be 25 this Saturday and I think that’s adding to my stress…What do you do when you are stressed out? I get depressed and tend to keep to myself a lot. I also grab for sugar! 🙂 How do you overcome your stress? For me, it helps to workout and focus my energy on my studies. I will be so glad when all of this is over!


Have a happy day Pressers!


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