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Dear Future Husband:

To My Soon To Be Husband,

Today’s the day! I am nervous, excited, happy, scared, but so in love. I have many hopes and dreams for us individually and as a couple. I want us to succeed as independent individuals as well as best friends and as a married couple. I hope and I pray that I am the best wife I can be to you. I cannot wait to marry you in just a bit, but first I need you to know a few things.

First off, I don’t want there to be any false expectations. Please understand, this relationship is not and never will be perfect. We are going to fight at times and we will both be to blame. There may times where you find yourself wondering why we did this or if you even love me anymore. I just want you to know that I am always here and first and foremost, I want you to talk to me about it. I cannot help if I don’t know. And if you do talk to me about it and I get upset, please be patient with me. Humans first response is usually defense.

Next, I want to be the best wife, partner, and friend to you that I can be. I don’t want to be a statistic, I want this to last. Marriage is more than a piece of paper, it is the deepest form of commitment someone can make. In front of God, our families and friends, we are promising each other a lifetime of loyalty and honor. I can’t promise you I will be perfect, but I can promise you I will try my hardest. You will be my husband, but you will also be my friend. I want to honor and respect you in everything I do. I want you and us to be happy.

Love, I look forward to building a future with you and experiencing life together. I never thought someone could love me for me, but you really do. Thank you for loving me. Let’s begin the day to the rest of our lives.



Your Soon To Be Wife


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