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To You For Forever Being My Forever:


Life is tough enough to go through, it becomes even harder to go at it alone.

When you think you are getting ahead, you fall behind.

You start to wonder and question “What is the point of this?” and if it ever ends.

Sometimes, you feel so beaten down, even the strongest of us just want it to end.

With all of the hate, the stress, the struggles, and the unforgiving villain: Time.

It breaks us down, even our souls.

It makes us question our reason for existence and the existence of something or someone greater.

We weren’t designed to be alone….

Sure, we can survive without another warm body.

Most of us can live, actually live, with surrounding friends.

But when you became a whole, great big part of my life….I realized I could handle anything.

I am not saying this in exaggeration.

I truly feel that no matter what happens in our life, as long as we are here for each other, we can make it through.

As long as I know you love me and you show me this, I can stand again after I have fallen.

As long as I know you are here to hold me and keep me safe, I can wake up each morning and face the day.

So long as I have you to listen to me, I can bear the burden of a full day of complaints and negativity from surrounding peoples.

If I know you care about me, I can continue to show each person in my day a little kindness.

With you being my other half, with being the beholder of your love, I can smile even when I feel so broken.

I can survive this world if I were alone, but I don’t want to.

I love the love you show me.

I love the laughter we bring together into this wicked world.

I love the goals we set to make our lives and the world a better place.

I love your strength because I am always in need of a little of my own.

I love the way ours hearts can hurt and mend together, to forever share every feeling of doubt, every feeling of pain, and every feeling of love and happiness.

To forever being our forever…and to forever being together.


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