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Linkable Content Assignment: Texas Academy of Sports Medicine, LLC.

Hello Fellow Pressers,

I am writing this blog for a class assignment on creating linkable content on websites. The goal for linkable content is to be able to create content that attracts traffic back to the original website. In order to do this I want to gain my audience’s attention and keep it, that way I will gain their interest and they will hopefully gain interest in the original website. As those of you whom follow my blog already know, I am big into health and fitness, and it is a huge part of my life. Therefore, I decided to write a blog on the Texas Academy of Sports Medicine.

What Is It?

Texas Academy of Sports Medicine is an accredited school where one can learn to become a personal trainer in as little as 12 weeks through hands-on training. Texas Academy uses an X360 Training Model, which is what they claim to create “elite trainers everyone wants”, and can help people become more athletic or lose weight. The program has a registration fee of $400 and a tuition of $4,600. The book and exam fees are not included, but if you pay in full you can save $500, otherwise they offer a couple different payment plans.

Texas Academy also offers personal trainers for hire, whom stylize plans depending upon your individual needs. They offer coaching, a complete assessment, elimination of pain, weight loss, muscle gain, etc. They also offer private group fitness classes for as low as $20 per session (I assume per person?).

The Pros:

The website has a tab that offers motivational videos, which in my opinion is a major part of success when it comes to fitness. Especially when a person is losing weight, it can be difficult to stay positive and motivated. I think a personal training website offering this is great for their clients. The videos aren’t just in terms of fitness, but they also provide motivation in an individual’s daily, personal life.

The option for payment plans is great for someone looking to become a personal trainer. Almost $5,000 in tuition fees is a large chunk of money to cough up right away. Giving potential students more options is a way to gain more students and a way for more people to achieve their dreams.

The Cons:

When I first hopped on over to the website, I was lost, dazed, and confused ( I LOVE that movie!). The website is not very user-friendly, it is not straight forward, and it really doesn’t make a lot of sense. It appears jumbled and  whether I am a client or student, I don’t really know where to go! There should be a list of tabs at the top for easy access. Oh, wait..there is a student login button…at the very bottom….

While I do like the idea of reviews on their page, again I think it is in an inefficient spot. While reviews and feedback are important, I do feel as if they should be placed further down on the page or, again, given their own tab at the top for easy access.

Final Thoughts

With the reviews and accreditation, I do feel this would be a great option to become a personal trainer. While there is not much information on the site, looking at their reviews both on the site and their Facebook page, they seem to be a great school and way to success.


Later Pressers!



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