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Insanity Asylum 30 Day Challenge: Day 15


Good Morning Pressers!

It’s almost the weekend and I am super excited slash nervous. Excited because, well, we don’t have to work. Nervous because the following Monday starts another school semester and we are looking at many classes to try and finish up our degree. Keep praying for me…I fear I will need a miracle.


Okay, I believe I am on my 15th day of the Insanity Asylum 30 Day Challenge. That means I am halfway finished. Is that negative? I am halfway there. I am almost there? I don’t know…I’m on day 15 out of 30 days 🙂 You be the judge.

What’s it been like you may ask? Well, I am in love with Shaun T as a trainer. I would marry his trainer self (if he were into my type). He can get MEAN & I LOVE that. I mean even his people on set are hurting and he basically says “I don’t care, we aren’t done yet. Get back up until our time’s up.” Just in different words I’m sure. I don’t know I’m in too much pain or laid out on the floor to hear clearly.

It’s fun to me and I am not at all agile. My agility and balance still are awful, but it’s fun to watch myself improve and become stronger.

Current Results:

So far the scale has not moved. I’m not sure why exactly, I eat right and have done fantastic in the past 2 weeks. I should rely on my measurements more than anything but ummm…I forgot & still have yet to actually take those 😀

Let’s face it…I have a weight goal. 115. I am still balancing between 128 & 130 lbs. That’s a big gap for me to be satisfied just yet. Are there things I could cut out still? Sure. But then I might feel completely deprived & ruin everything for myself entirely. Yes, health & fitness are important and take hard work & discipline. But let’s be honest, we each deserve a slight bit of indulgence. Life is hard enough as it is, give me that square of dark chocolate every once in awhile. I will get to 115lbs, I’m just not there quite yet.

Other than the scale, I see a difference in my muscles. The all to familiar I’m-doing-a-Shaun T-workout-program sort of muscles are showing up. The ones I remember from 90 days of Focus T-25. Where whenever I bend my quads a line runs up the middle or how when even relaxed my quads are rock solid. How I have abs and haven’t worked my abs directly in months. My back? OMG, my back looks amazing ya’ll. My lats are incredible. I’m in love with my back…Thanks Shaun 😉

Let’s see some shall we? Let this be our scale for a bit…After all, isn’t it better to look amazing and weigh 130lbs. rather than look okay and weight 115?

Like I said…My back. You do a ton of back workouts during this program, and I am so okay with that. As you can see..

Above we have a side view & front view. You can see my belly is flattening and you see my abs right? Yea, no situps or crunches in months. Before Insanity I stopped working my abs directly because I felt as if they were causing my midsection to be bulky instead of slim like I wanted. Yet…I still have abs ya’ll. #justsayin

The Progress:

Now, as I said earlier, my agility sucks. But I can see myself progressing and improving through the workouts. I did my first game day the other day and it was sort of bad….but I have my next game day this Sunday and I am stoked to see how much I will improve. Each workout is fun, challenging, and sometimes funny because I get tangled up in myself.

Final Thoughts:

Right now I feel pumped, encouraged, motivated, both with my workouts and my diet. I am eating solid meals that fuel my body and provide the nutrients it needs to carry me through these toughs 45 minutes or so. I drink Dr. Hyde (too strong for most) 30 minutes before my workout and usually have a KIND bar or an apple an hour before so I feel energized and alert. My final 15 days in this workout I will tweak my diet some and maybe cut out my whole wheat toast from breakfast, replace my pita pizzas, and continue to limit my sugar intake. I would like to lose a couple of pounds from this at least, before finishing up this program and entering Asylum 2.


Post ya later 😉 :-*


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