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Insanity Asylum: 30 Day Challenge


Okay fellow pressers, please don’t hate me…:( I know I posted about beginning the P90X2 challenge by Tony Horton, and I did about 4 days of that before I felt completely out of my element there. I am so in love with Shaun T’s motivation and his determination to get everyone fit, and I am so in love with seeing my FitBit saying my heart rate is 178 and I burned over 400 calories in 45 minutes. With P90X2 I was working out for over an under and burned under 300 calories and my max heart rate was maybe 140, averaging 109 or 114. No fear though pressers, I will return to take on that 90 day challenge. But first, let’s have some one-on-one time with our favorite trainer shall we? Welcome to the best of Shaun T:

I have done the Insanity challenge before but was a little disappointed. It was all cardio, don’t get me wrong I love my cardio, but I wanted some definition and building too. Also, it was pretty monotonous. There were few workouts and they were all pretty similar. But here is the gem: Insanity Asylum. It has cardio, agility, strength, balance, all of my loves in one 30 day challenge! Too short for so much love to share but I will do it over again if I must! (Actually I will move on to Asylum 2! Yes..there’s a 2nd part to Asylum eeeekkk!!)

Yesterday began my journey. It appears that this is a 5 days a week program with 2 days to stretch, do some light active recovery, or some much beloved yoga. Yoga is very good for you, I highly recommend at least 1 session a week!

I took some photos yesterday evening before my workout (excuse my bloated belly. I am having such a hard time as my stomach has been overly sensitive to everything for the past 3 weeks now) and will take my measurements and my fit test this weekend. After work, I just will not have time for my fit test AND the workout until the weekend. Most of the workouts appear to be about 45-50 minutes long with a warm-up and stretching in the beginning, and some stretching and cooling down in the end. I also wrote down my reps for yesterdays workout, but please excuse some empty spaces. I am not very coordinated and this was my first time so a couple of the workouts I stood there for a second trying to wrap my head around what Shaun T was asking me to do exactly…seriously.

Okay so here are a couple of pictures. I am still wavering between 128 & 130 and my goal is still 115lbs. Progress takes time and I have some very difficult days with my diet and some very good days. I am constantly learning and constantly tempted. Lately my stomach has been overly sensitive to many fruits I have been eating so it has ached and stayed bloated. But here it is:

And here are some back shots:

A couple side shots:

My poor belly 😦 It’ll get better. You just have to keep going & keep improving. It takes failure to understand how to succeed.

Lastly, here is a shot of my recorded reps for last night’s workout:


Last night, the first day of Asylum, is Speed & Agility. Something I am not very good at. As you can see some blocks are blank. This is because I was so busy concentrating I couldn’t tell you have many reps I did, in fact I probably, maybe, completed 1 rep. At the bottom I messed up, somewhere I missed filling in my reps 🙂 It was very interesting, fun, and shows where I need improvement for my weightloss journey as well as for myself as an athlete. Remember, you are always and only competing with yourself. You are constantly striving to do better than what YOU did the time before.

Today I will move on to Strength, which is great because I love picking up my weights. It also appears to incorporate balance which I need so badly to work on…still.

As far as my diet I am still eating right. Everyday is a challenge and every meal is a decision on what I want to fuel my body with & not just satisfy my mind or emotions. It’s harder now with grapes, cherries, and apples seemingly causing some tummy issues. But I have been better about trying new vegetables and eat veggies at just about every meal, breakfast is hit and miss. My dinner portions I have cut back on and even bought myself the portion plate kit to help with that. You just have to stay focused and understand that this means completing changing your lifestyle if you want to succeed. What’s more important to you? What do you want the most?


Good luck fellow Pressers & I will keep you Updated!


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