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It has been awhile since I have reviewed a workout program!

Don’t get it wrong though, I workout daily. I have just been involved in my own little world and creating and doing my own thing.

Personally, I would like a little structure added back. When I get into doing a workout program that is already built, I feel challenged to complete it.

Which brings me to the beginning of my journey with P90X: X2!


I will begin this workout program this Saturday, the 23rd. It’s a longer program, 90 days. Beware, Tony Horton creates tough programs. I love tough. Shaun T is my cardio hero!! But Tony Horton involves more resistance than Shaun T & I am truly loving my newfound muscles after doing my own thing.

Saturday, before the workout, I will weight myself & take some pictures. Then I will begin with X2 Core. This program should challenge my balance ( I have none) agility, strength, and endurance. It is broken down into 3 phases: Foundation, Strength, and Performance.

My only “con” going into this is that the workouts are 45-90 minutes it looks like. I normally work out for 45-60 minutes during the week so this isn’t bad but within that time it is ab cardio, HIIT, and lifting. If I wanted to add anything extra to the P90 workout, that would take up a lot of time.

My expectations going into this would be to lean out a little more and gain more definition in my muscles. I have done really well and look great, but I would like my thighs to slim down, my belly and waist to cinch in a bit more, and my arms and back to become more defined. We all strive for what we do not have. Sad but true.

I will begin Saturday & post about how the workout was, my weight, and my pictures. Wish me luck!


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