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To the girl still trying to love herself:


It will be okay.

It’s hard to be able to understand who you really are after everything you have been through.

It’s hard to accept yourself when people who are supposed to love you cannot even accept you.

It’s hard to see yourself as worthy, beautiful, or as a blessing to the world.

It’s hard to trust those you love when the people who were supposed to love you unconditionally couldn’t see that through.

It’s hard to be there for someone when you need someone to be there for you but cannot trust anyone enough to allow that.

It’s hard to open your heart and let others in because if you were hurt by those why would you not be hurt by these?

Understand what happened was not your fault.

Understand that people make their own choices and that no matter what you do or don’t do, ultimately people do as they please.

Understand that you should not have to apologize for who you are. You are special and made uniquely. Never apologize for that.

Understand that we are each given a choice and a mind to take as we feel and see fit.

Move On.

You have to move past the hurt, the anger, and the need for revenge. It won’t make you feel any better and it isn’t hurting the ones who did this to you, but yourself.

Living and loving after all that has happened will be the ultimate revenge. Your happiness and fullness will show them that you do not need them and you blossomed once they were gone.

Begin creating a new and better life for yourself. Something you want and something that makes you feel whole, successful, and happy.

Open up and love.

Open yourself up to the possibilities of the world and of yourself. Do not be afraid to get hurt again. Chances are, hurt will come again. Is it not better to live life fully and risk being hurt rather than shutting down and shutting off and living life in regret and anxiety?

Open up to people and yourself. Be true to all. Be true to who you are and what you desire.

Learn who you are and love those things about yourself.

It will get easier…

It will never go away.

It will get easier though…in time.

Some days may be harder than others where you sit and dwell and think about yourself in a negative light.

Pain is a part of living. It is hard and at times, life shattering. If you shut yourself off you shut off the other feelings such as love and happiness. Isn’t feeling moments of pain worth it to be able to feel a life of love and joy?

Love Yourself.

You are worth it.

You are worth loving.

You are special.

You are unique.

You are you.

Lovely girl, the pain in your heart and in your eyes pains me but keep your chin up.

You are worth loving but it must start with loving yourself.

The things they said, the physical and emotional pain they rained upon you, the dissatisfaction and regret in their eyes, was wrong.

They don’t know yet, but you know.

You must.

You are worth every word, every smile, every happy tear.

You are a friend, a lover, a carer of creatures big and small.

You are dedicated, successful, brilliant.

Your laughter is contagious and makes those around you laugh with you, even if only to get you to continue laughing because your smile is so wonderful.

Your heart is sensitive and breaks for those you do not know but you hear are in pain or suffering loss.

You are stubborn girl.

You are quick to anger, impatient, and sometimes quick to be cold.

I get it.

You do this to protect your heart.

Sometimes to throw off those who are getting too close.

You are a loner but hate to be lonely.

Your fears and paranoia are great yet you would be brave enough to give your life for someone in need.

You are strong, stronger than you think.

You girl, are worth it.

You are worth every ounce of energy, every love, every breath.

You are brave, wild, beautiful, and true.

You deserve so much more than you were given.

Yet I wonder, if dealt a different hand would you be this same person?

That is why you must love yourself darling.

This road, this path, made you exactly who you were meant to be.

No, this was not exactly your choice, but it is your path and you must deal with it.

Do not ever think yourself inferior to those around you.

Do not ever think those who did this to you were right, because they were not.

Do not ever discredit yourself, berate yourself, or cry for them.

You deserve better, not they.

You deserve life, happiness, love, and joy.

Your time is coming girl.

Show all of those who hurt you what you are truly made of and who you really are.

Do not waste your time, your tears, or your life on those who do not see your potential, greatness, or heart, and love you all the more.

You are worth so much more.





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