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Equality Among our World

I do not usually discuss something of such debate and controversy, but where better to do it than my blog? It’s not on Facebook or Twitter to signal confrontation and begin a thread of rants for everyone to acknowledge, disagree with, and go and delete me because I posted my opinion. So let’s be serious. Let’s join together, civilly, discuss, debate, share our feelings, our emotions, our fears, and our worries. We each have so many at the moment. If you are not experiencing a single ounce of worry or sadness with the current events surrounding you everyday, I urge you to listen and to pray to whatever God you may believe in. As a nation and as one race, the human race, we should all feel some sense of loss and worry.

I will be very honest, when it comes to politics I am not one to debate with. I do not stay updated as I should, as is my responsibility to society. I cannot say whether I am Republican or Democrat because I believe some of each side. I only know what I hear about presidential candidates or what I see when flipping through channels on television. But I do have values, common sense, an education, and respect. I know wrong from right, my conscience is strong, and I stand up for what I believe in. I cannot always backup my beliefs with numbers, data, or facts, simply that I know it’s what is right and I have strong feelings to stand up for it.

All of that said, the shooting and killings, the riots, the inequality among races, the inequality among people who look different from either the color of their skin or their size, all of it is just wrong. Simple, it is wrong. We are starting wars and fights on our own land and in our own communities. The shootings in Orlando at the club, was it shot because the maniac hates gays? Was he secretly gay and he was ashamed? Who knows the truth? Alton Sterling. Black man, shot and killed by a police officer. Snipers in Dallas, killed police officers. There is so much killing going on within our borders. So much hate and so much confrontation. 

Let me begin with race, because this is the toughest, most sensitive subject that people either avoid out of fear or don’t want to argue over. The white race, throughout history and time, seem to have a more simple position in life. Think about it, Native Americans were in America and then white people from overseas come over, steal their land, out them in reservations, and tell them the government now owns their land. That doesn’t sound right to me. It seems highly unfair but that’s how it happened. African Americans. Bought and sold by even their own people. Told they were property and somehow lower class than white people. What gets me is that during this time, many people were Christians. To me, this makes no sense. It’s wrong. All of it is wrong to me. Scientifically, it is pretty simple to me. Skin color is just a skin color and depends on the amount of chemicals in your body, same as your eye or hair color. Were blondes of a higher class then redheads? No, but you could argue they were preferred. My point is, race shouldn’t be what makes you unequal to each other for we are all of one race: The Human Race.

Let’s discuss the issue with African Americans being shot by white police officers. I understand both sides okay? I feel for both sides and I am hurt for both sides. Everywhere there will always be that one person who ruins it for everyone else. Like in preschool. Did you ever had that one kid who was a trouble maker and ruined playtime for the entire class because he couldn’t stay out of trouble? So the teacher would take away the fun for the entire class. That didn’t mean the rest of the kids were trouble, but they were punished as a whole for one silly kid who couldn’t behave. That’s kind of where we are right now. Somewhere, one white cop was dirty and maybe racist, and he shot and killed one African American male who may or may not have been making trouble. For the African American’s, this now means their whole group of people is scrutinized, and same for the group of white cops. Does that make sense? Meanwhile, I’m sitting here, fully accepting, seeing no difference between you and me. I am not any better or anymore worthy than you or him. But an African American may assume me as such because of what one white man did. On another side, I promise you there are cops shooting white guys in a suspicious sort of way. It happened in my small town just a couple of months ago. But that never makes the national news and that hurts because his life mattered too. Because he was white and it was white officer who shot and killed him, how does that matter less?

We are such a hateful and judgmental society and I am sick of it. We are constantly judged by how we look and it is exhausting and society shaped it that way. So why can’t we change it? I am a healthy, fit girl who enjoys working out and eating right because it is what I want to do. That doesn’t mean I am better than anyone else and that doesn’t mean I will hate on someone larger or smaller than me. You never know someones story. Whether they have a disease or just lost someone very close and they are overtaken with depression. You don’t know who they are or what made them that way so why should you have the right to judge them? The internet has made society grow some massive balls but would you say the same thing to someone’s face? People hide behind their computer screens spitting out words of cruelty. I have read comments telling obese people to kill themselves, calling girls ugly and fat and who are they to make those decisions? 

Where did we go wrong? Why is it so difficult to be more compassionate about the person beside of us? Why do we have to beat others down just to make ourselves feel good? And how can we get to a nation of equality and love? It starts with each one of you. It can be the smallest thing that makes a person feel loved and equal. Give someone a smile, don’t be quick to anger, don’t take things personally and be less offended. Change needs to come and shooting and killing will not bring the right kind of change. I want to live in a world where there is peace and love and acceptance. There will always be evil in every group, among every nation. But love and goodness can outweigh that by millions. We can put an end to this if we #fightforequality.


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