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Basic Love

♥In his eyes is where I see myself all of the time. Peaceful, undefined, not judged, not labelled. I am myself and he cherishes every bit of that. Alone or together, it matters not for we always carry the others’ heart. My love for him is solid, no matter where we are. I am in a dream wrapped in his arms and a nightmare when we are apart. I am encouraged and supported. Our future is bright, promising, and undistorted. With him I am forever a better version of myself. With him is where I want to be all my life. 

I am beside myself when I look into her eyes. Her beauty, her dignity, her virtue. It is like waves rush over me when I am inside of her. As if every inch of her skin is pure electricity and I catch on fire. She is strong but looks small. She is quick but polite. Her tongue holds nothing back from me or the world. What is a life without her? I cannot fathom. I cannot bring myself to turn away from her spell she has cast upon me. Her eyes shine like sparks when she looks at me. I love her fragility like that of a princess, but she maintains a strength compatible to that of a warrior. When we lay together her hand forever remains in mine as if she could never let go. She makes me a better person. I want to be with her all my life. 

♥There is a pressure on my heart and behind my eyes. It cannot be, he would not do this to me…he would not lie. My trust is precious, he knows this, he knows me. I have values. Loyalty and integrity are what make a good man. There is so much talk, gossip, words, all I can hear are the words. My love, my best friend, please tell me these things are not true. Please tell me it was not you. Somewhere, somehow, they have mistaken. You? It is not possible that you have a life taken.

My beautiful darling love what have they said? What are the horrific tales that have been put inside of your lovely head? How could they accuse me of such falsifications? I am at a loss for words…a man wrongly convicted. My sweet, my adored love, do not think badly please do not give up. Do not let those pretty eyes weep for me. I promise I am the same man that I know you still love. I am loyal and contain the integrity I know your heart values. I will always love you and be the friend you can talk to. It was not me, I am wrongly convicted. This life, my love, any life? I could not rightly take it.

♥There he lies…forever still and unalive. I cannot possibly count the numbers of tears I cried. I did not have the chance to tell him ‘goodbye’.  The day he was taken from me was one I long to forget. However, I keep coming back to his grave…starting all over again. They were wrong…they convicted an innocent man. Not just any man, my man…my best friend. His eyes, oh I remember those eyes. Like fire flies in the dark of night they shined. And the way he loved me without judgment or definition. Constantly I continue reminiscing. The days of our love is now long gone…How I begin again each day I do not know. I never see myself truly moving on. His love was special but now he is gone. I will do anything to numb this pain. A life without him by my side is not a life I want to live. His face haunts me and I swear I feel his touch. It sends shivers down my spine and then a new stream of tears begin to flood. My darling…my lover…my friend…take me with you so that we might be together again.

My sweet, sweet angel, please dry your eyes. Can you not feel that I am fine? I miss you my beauty, my darling, my love. Your skin, your face I long to touch. I watch you each and every day. I want to help you move on and to be sure you are safe. I know it hurts, I can feel your heart break. My sweet friend, lover, my soul mate. I will be with you for the rest of your life. I will be in your heart, in your smile, and by your side. I still love you for everything I once did. Our souls are still connected and will be for eternity, I promise you this. Our love is unlike a usual, basic love. Our love is something promising, holy, completely untouched. What we share we will always share and nobody else can understand it. For all the ways I said I love you I do and I mean it. So raise your head my little queen, be proud of who you are and what we have. Look forward to the moment when we get to see and touch each other again. Smile for me, come on now my beauty, smile. Don’t you worry my darling, it won’t be much longer now.






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