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INSANITY!! Challenge…First, the Fit Test ;)

Im so excited…And I just can’t hide it…I am a little bit frightened! Hahahhaha, according to Shaun T, he’s nervous about it too 😉

Today I do my fit test for the infamous workout program…INSANITY! I am ready for a challenge and I want to be able to say I did it. Now, I would really like to keep my arms how they are thanks to Hammer & Chisel, so I plan on lifting weights 2 days a week on top of Insanity. Insanity is mostly insane (truthfully) cardio and plyometrics. It uses body weight, and while that will tone me ridiculously, I like my arms right now. Hopefully it will slim down my thighs from where H&C built them up so much…

My meal plan I plan to keep how it is now. I actually found a new Portabello Mushroom Pizzas recipe for lunch on Sunday, and for dinner that night I am making spaghetti squash for my hunni & I.

I am really trying to get ridiculously fit over here. Ryan & I challenged each other this month, no chocolate for me & only 1 soda a day for him. That’s my weak area…sweets & chocolate. Since I haven’t been eating chocolate, I surprisingly haven’t been craving other sweets. I thought I would but so far we’re okay. See, Im fit, Im lean but I feel like my stomach should be flatter below my belly button than it is. So I need to weed out every possible cause and if that doesnt work….can I finally get that boob job & just add on some cool sculpting? I mean seriously.


Anyone have any tips and leaning out your lower stomach? It’s so hard for women!

P.S. I will be getting Pilates certified in the Summer…Yay! I’ll be able to teach! 🙂



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