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Hammer & Chisel 90-Day Challenge SUCCESS

So this happened…this was fun….do I have much of a change? Not really…Do I feel better?? Ehh…Am I stronger?? Yes. Was it fun? Of course!


Let’s begin with the change:

My arms are definitely refined more and I see new veins which is weird to me. This program works legs A TON so my thighs are thicker which I dont like to be honest. Other than that, I wish I had more definition in my back but I like how my arms look. I didnt take pictures unfortunately 😦 Which I guess doesnt matter because you honestly wouldnt be able to tell.


Do I feel better?

Sure. I always feel better when I exercise though. This offered a variety from Focus T25 because I was constantly doing cardio to constantly lifting weight. I missed my cardio though.

Am I stronger?

Absolutely. If nothing else this made me stronger and I can lift heavier. I can do exercises that were tough with 8lbs. and now Im doing them like a champ with 12 lbs.

Was it fun?

Sure thing. It’s working out and trying a new challenge. My advice would definitely be to try it but overall I thought it would be a bit better. Again I feel like they were constantly working legs. Which is great to an extent but you could’ve worked my back more, my arms, shoulders or abs. Thats just my personal opinion.


So what now???

Now we wait. In fact this week I am doing a Focus T25 & Hammer & Chisel Hybrid of my own making. I still have 6 pounds to lose before Summer. This needs to happen now 🙂 In the mean time I am waiting for Tony Hortons new vid, Hard Corps marine corps which seems like my cup of tea. Hard core cardio workouts, jumping, old school push ups etc. Ive been cleaning up my diet a bit more too. My boyfriend & I made a pact. I can’t have any chocolate for the month & he is only allowed 1 glass of soda a day. I am addicted to chocolate, sweets in general but were beginning with chocolate. He is helping me stay strong and stay AWAY from stuff that makes me bloat and may be harming my diet. Other than that its been eggs, turkey sausage, salmon, quinoa, green beans, asparagus, salads, grilled chicken, wheat bread here and there, and thats my basics. Keep far away from sweets and we should be okay. I am also trying to up my calories a bit. its scary but I am pretty sure right now they are too low. You shouldnt be under 1200 and absolutely shouldnt be under 1,000…word to the wise.


Good luck on your fitness journey!!


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