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Hammer & Chisel 90-Day Challengen

Bring IT ON!!

Woohoo! I was so excited to FINALLY get & begin on the new Beach Body Program, Hammer & Chisel. Brought to us by our 21 Day Fix lady, Autumn Calabrese who teamed up with Body Beast creator, Sagi (something). I have done both Autumn’s 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme. My boyfriend started Body Beast but it must be extremely difficult…He did not even make it half way..YIKES!

Anyway, today will be my 4th day and I am excited. New workouts & new workout outfits are a blast to me. I also have some new supplements to encourage and improve my workouts.

Today’s Workout will be ISO Chisel Endurance. I previewed it and it basically looks like cardio and weights. Which would obviously build your endurance. I also do a 10 minute ab workout everyday except maybe once a week. Typically it is Autumn’s 10 minute abs from 21 Day Fix, Chisel 10 Minute Abs, Hammer 10 Minute Abs, Or something I make up for 10 minutes. I personally do not see progress in my abs unless I do some specific ab work for at least 10 minutes a day. Each body is different, and that is just mine I have learned from trial and error.

Before you think “OMG Hammer & Chisel must be AH-MAZ-ing”, let’s be be honest, I am slightly disappointed. Granted, I am only on my 4th day, BUT, coming from Shaun T & Tony Hornton even the 21 Day Fixes, I don’t feel as though I am working as hard. Of course standing there doing the workouts my arms are burning and my legs are burning but my heart rate I don’t think is as high. Im used to cardio, cardio, cardio, and even the Master’s Cardio video, I could’ve done it 4 more times….

Am I upset? Eh, not really. I havent even done it a week yet and I am happy to add a Focus T25 video into the mix.

Let’s get to my beginning measurements. This is a 90-day challenge and my goal has always been to get to around 115lbs. Thats at least 10 more pounds for me to lose. Thats a lot. I have began taking Primaforce Yohimbine HCL to help rid some lower belly fat. I am not fat, but you know how we have that little part of our lower belly that sticks out just a tad? I want that gone! My diet is pretty clean, I am tweaking it, I work my abs and it still won’t budge, so I started taking this supplement to see if it will help. It helps with my energy so far, that’s all. Today is my 4th day of taking it.

I also ordered some more Dr. Hyde Pre-Workout Powder. This is the best stuff to give you energy before working out. I take it at 5 on my home from work, get home at 530, power through my 40-45 minute workout, and it doesnt keep me up when i go to bed 5 hours later. BOOM!

Anyway, so measurements. Here they are currently:

Chest:  33″

R. Arm: 11″

L. Arm: 11 1/2″

Waist: 25″

R. Thigh: 21 1/2″

L. Thigh 22″

Hips: 35 1/2″

Weight: 128lbs.

**NOTE: Everything was measured at its largest point and my biceps were flexed when my arms were measured. Measurements and weight was also taken in the evening after working out and before dinner**

I think that is everything. I truly am hoping to lose 10 lbs. Diet wise, my eating habits are overall healthy. I eat a healthy breakfast, snack on almonds or fruit, keep lunches simple, typically tuna fish & salads, I only drink tea, black coffee, and 60-64 ounces of water a day. I do still indulge in sweets, sometimes more than I should, but I am always improving.

Wish me luck :-*


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