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**UPDATE** Smile Care Club :D


Hopefully every one had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! It’s almost the new year…2016! Let’s see…plenty of things to happen this year. I turn 24, I qualify for financial aid, I will be finishing classes to apply to Dental Hygiene & finishing my Business degree….I will be going to a Maroon 5 concert! (Christmas present) I am continuing to grow my amazing relationship with my amazing boyfriend, my best friend begins a new job…I can’t wait to see what else 2016 brings, its off to a good start it looks like!

Okay, so! Let’s do an update on my teeth shall we? Since for someone who has never done this, there are millions of question and #1 is “Does it work?” and #2 probably, “Is it safe?” 

#1. Does it work? So far! A couple days ago I move to my seventh set of aligners. Maybe 2 weeks ago I was shipped my final 10. I am doing a total of 20. 13 more to go!  If you’re anything minutely like me, pictures satisfy your questions most of the time. You know what I look like, you know I am real. So let me show you! 

This was before even the starter trays:


My two top teeth and bottom side teeth are the worst.My top over laps and my bottom are crowded and turned out.

Now I started my first trays in September i believe. And this is them so far, on my 7th set:


You can see the two overlapping are beginning to smooth out and my back teeth are straighter.

Heres a picture of them now on the top and before on the bottom:

2015-12-29 09.23.06

Again, you can see the overlapping smoothed out so far. And my bottom teeth are straightening out and beginning to come evenly to the front.

Now, haha, here’s a fun bit of info. While everything is going nice and smooth I absolutely MUST get a wisdom tooth pulled. My dentist is on my case. I had 2 removed the beginning of this year on my right side. But my bottom left is scary looking. It looks like in the xray that it is pushing straight into the tooth beside it. Meanwhile the top tooth is coming through and is pretty much straight. The only concern would be that I couldnt wear my aligners for at least 2 days. Luckily my wisdom teeth were not captured in my impressions so my aligners do not sit over them but beside of them.

This brings me to #2. Is it safe?

I called Smile Care and spoke with Dee. She was very helpful and suggested me to have a consultation with the oral surgeon to ensure this would be okay with my aligners. Dee said on their side it is, the only thing would be it would make my process slightly longer because in the 2 days I am not wearing my aligners, my teeth may move back as they will move quickly. So she suggested when I have my consultation and set the date to extract these wisdom teeth, maybe leave the aligners I had in for the remaining time up to the appointment. That way it sort of helps to set my teeth so that after the 2 days of not wearing them, I can hopefully pick back up from there.

So far everything looks and feels good…let’s get these pesky wisdom teeth out so we can continue our treatment eh? 😉


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