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Dental Hygiene School….tough as hell…

I think I have discussed this a little but…ultimately my place is the dental field. That is my dream and my main goal. However, meeting this goal has proved to be my hell…

I work full time and make decent money without a degree. Right now I am taking classes in business administration, half paid by my boss, and I am in my 3rd semester. Halfway completed. I hate this field, I really do. I am bored and feel like it gives me no purpose. But, I wanted a degree. I am 23 and need a degree in SOMETHING at this point. With everything that happened with my parents I got a really late start in college. I was unable to get financial aid without my parents information, I wasn’t married, so in NC you have to wait until you are 24 or take out loans. I did not feel confident that loans and debt was where I wanted to be.

Now that I have a strong man and decent money, my boss pays half of my tuition and in January I will be 24 and able to apply for financial aid. With that being said, in Fall 2017 I want to attend a dental hygiene program. By Fall 2017 I will have completed my associate’s in business (I’m not just quitting after all) and my plan is to have all the prerequisite classes completed. See, I didn’t know all of this, there are classes you need to take BEFORE you can even be CONSIDERED for the dental programs. These need to be completed before the dental deadline which is February 2017. I have Spring, Summer, and Fall 2016 Semester to complete all the prerequisite classes, still finish my business degree, AND continue working full time. The good news: I only have 3 prerequisites left. The bad news: They can NOT be taken online and must be done in a classroom because they are labs…Biology courses.

Obviously it makes it much more difficult with me working full time 8-5, mon-fri. Obviously. If this weren’t the case I would have no problem taking 1 of these 3 classes each semester and then viola! I would be able to apply. School happens to be 45 minutes away from where I work. So unless a class begins at 6, its not happening for me.

Then I decided to try the college near where I work. Just to take these 3 classes, still 1 each semester so I can continue my online courses without suffocating. While things were going good, I was accepted, yes they offer the Biology classes I need, oh wait….you need to take a placement test so we can tell where you are in math. I am nauseous. The test is this Saturday and I feel so unprepared. This is stuff I haven’t done since High school. Where I am earning my degree now did not require placement testing due to my high school GPA being so high. If I take this placement test and do not place well, I am so afraid they will require me to take a math class first. That will push me back from my plan. Instead of taking 1 class each semester I will have to take Math first and only have 2 semesters remaining. Here is the thing, the classes I need are Anatomy & Physiology 1 &2 and General Microbiology. The college near work offers Microbiology during the summer semester, then I would be able to take Anatomy 1 in the Fall 2016 Semester, BUT, my college where I plan on taking the dental program REQUIRES both anatomy 1 & 2 to be taken at the same college or it WILL NOT COUNT. I am freaking out….I MUST excel on this placement test to keep my plan the way it is. I am so nervous.

The only other thing I thought possible is this: in Summer of 2017, right before dental starts and as long as I am accepted, I will quit my full time job. My plan was to work part time in the evenings, all as long as financial aid pays my school.  I could find an evening or part time job earlier and go to school more but there is a chance that although I apply, the dental program may not accept me. And even then, I cant take Anatomy 2 without having completed Anatomy 1. I feel screwed….I need to wait for my results on the placement test I am just so anxious…


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