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~On a Positive Note~

Hello My Favorite People!!!!

Fellow Pressers 🙂

I do not have a special post to blog about today however, I felt a need to share part of my day with you guys. Thanks for reading, maybe something said will be able to influence you in a positive way today.

I know everybody has there good days & they have their bad. It’s all part of the Ying/Yang or part of the whole “you can’t appreciate the good without the bad” philosophy. Although we may not understand why some things are so hard sometimes or why things do not seem to be going our way, just remember everything is meant to happen for a reason. 

There are so many things in life to experience. We as humans are too often getting caught up in the fact that we have bills due, we want a better future, or you have to be at work from 9-5 school from 8-4, whatever, that we forget to experience and live. We forget to spend time with our someones special. I too often forget to play with my dog the way I should. Sure she’s a dog. She is also a creature of feelings and unconditional love who misses mom more than anything when I am working. To her it feels like weeks before I return from my 8-5 job.That’s only to come home, workout, shower, make dinner, clean, watch tv, go to bed and do it all again the next day. Do you know what 10 minutes of mom playing with her must mean to her?! Apparently the WORLD because she cant stop wagging and licking me 🙂

With all of the bad things that happen in the world, we need to be more empathetic to life in general. The smallest things make such a big difference. Something I really like to do each morning is make coffee and drink like 2 cups before work. While I sit there sipping on it, that is my time to meditate. That is me enjoying that moment of life. Savoring it completely.  It is how I prepare for my day and start my day off with a positive vibe.

Basically I just wanted to inspire you, as well as myself, to take a moment today and really appreciate something, or someone. Then I also inspire you to do something nice for someone in hope of them taking that moment in life and truly appreciating it and you for having made that moment a positive one.

Until next time Fellow Pressers…<3 ❤inspiration_by_enzocavalli-d5bjxtd


4 thoughts on “~On a Positive Note~

  1. Savoring a cup of green tea as I watch the sun rise – this is me savoring the beginning of the day. A yoga session, a slice of sun hitting my foot as I type on my computer, a hug from my man, a smile from my little granddaughter as I pick her up for ballet lesson. My life is made up of these small HUGE acts of grace. I agree – these are what matter in life.
    Thanks for finding me at Roughwighting. Great to meet you!

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