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Dreams of working in Dentistry

Hello My Fellow Pressers,

I just wanted to share a conversation with you guys. Some of you know my childhood was a bit rough and during my senior year of high school I was asked to leave my parents home. This caused me to suddenly have to fully support myself and I could not afford college and could not receive financial aid with being 24, married, or having parental information which I did not and my parents were not providing it. They werent providing anything 🙂 Anyways, this caused me to post-pone college and have to put off my dreams of becoming a dentist.

Now that I am much more stable, have a stable job etc. I still cannot get fianancial aid until next year but my current boss is paying for half of my classes for business. As much as I appreciate this I have no passion for business. I only chose this because it is fully online so I can still keep my income, it is a related field to which I thought he would be more inclined to assist, and frankly I just want to hold some sort of degree at this point.

As I continue taking my classes and excelling, and as I continue to put in hours at the office, I am not happy. I am not excited. I do not enjoy my work. And I know its a job and believe me I am incredibly thankful. But truly I feel my place is in the dentistry world. Now mind you, I am not naive. I cannot afford dentistry school and lets be honest, due to the years of schooling (at least 8) young must start young. I am almost 24. I dont want to be fresh out of dental school and in debt at what? 32? No thanks. Plus still have to find a job? But I want to be in this field. Dental Hygienist. I want this so bad.

It takes two years to acquire you Associates in Applied Science for Dental Hygiene. Then I can continue with my Bachelors or Masters. Heres my issue…How can I do this and still work the way I do? I work 8-5 in Virginia. My college is in North Carolina. I live between school and work. With being online I can do my classes at home, at work, on lunch, whatever. Dental Hygiene may have a couple of classes online but how can I do the rest in a class? This is truly what I want but I do have typical bills that a part time job will not pay. How can you follow your dreams in this situation?  Its ironic that the Associates I cannot complete solely online but when it gets to the Bachelors you can. If it were I needed a few hours in class sure I could do that. I could do weekends but can I do nights? That would mean driving from work to school which is at least an hour and how late do they teach these classes?

Has anyone else been in this situation? I am open to solutions and advice.


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