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New Smile At Home: Smile Care Club- Starter Trays

IMG_20150807_123045 IMG_20150807_123826

Today I FINALLY received my Starter Trays!

If you are confused here:

Anyways, above is the tray itself. A sort of thin very hard plastic. The first picture also shows the syringe of clinical strength whitening gel they sent free with my order. I just shoot it into my trays and carry on badadong!

Any who. I also have these little yellow “Chewies” which I am currently chewing. I LOVE them. Dude you kinda feel like you’re teething all over again and they did NOT have these when I was growing up with metal braces. They help relieve the tooth achiness and help your aligners clip to your teeth more securely. I highly recommend using them.

The Starter Trays main purpose is to get you familiar with the pressure on your teeth. People who have previously had metal braces, think of when you had to get your wires tightened. For the next couple of days your teeth were sore and tender. Same thing happens when you first pop in these puppies. They feel pretty tight (Which hello, it means they are working) and after a couple hours  your teeth will ache.

Okay couple of things folks. Do NOT drink or eat anything but water with these in. Coffee and tea will stain the trays. Also nothing hot must touch these. They are plastic after all. I have quickly learned, within less than 24 hours, that I will be eating much less. For one to take them out to eat is slightly annoying and 2 my teeth HURT dude. No I really do not want to bite into this apple with my sore teeth…ugh but you need that energy to get through your kickboxing workout in a few minutes…fine -_- Yea. #reallife

I don’t think I told ya’ll but I will have 20 Trays to wear about 3 weeks a piece. We are looking at 14 months for $1400. versus $6000 through an orthodontist??? Yes please. Fix my two front buck teeth you Smile Care Club you!!

If you have any questions please post them below 🙂 Also if you go and sign up let them know you were referred by Faith Engen 🙂

**I am not an affiliate of Smile Care Club & am not being paid to do this**

Peace out yo homies!


25 thoughts on “New Smile At Home: Smile Care Club- Starter Trays

    1. Hey Keedah. I put down $500 just because I wanted to. What they require though might different person to person. They do have it thru them or thru Affirm which
      does not require a down payment but does add a little bit of interest if you choose that route.


  1. hey Im currently wearing my starter trays, did the edges hurt the bottom of your tongue or the top of your lip? I tried filling them down, i dont think it helped. do you think I should redo my impressions to make them go father up my gums? how does yours feel.. BTW i love m little yellow chewie!


  2. Hey I just got my starter trays. Does it every get to the point where you forget they are there? Also did you have a lot of people notice them and ask you about them? I’m not ready to tell everyone yet


    1. Hey moodeepie! Eventually you do forget about them. For me it was by the 2nd actual trays. I have not had anyone notice them and ask me. No one knows until my boyfriend tells them -_- the only time it’s very noticeable is in pictures because they appear bluish. You don’t have to tell anyone if you don’t want to at the same time you’re improving your smile. Be proud!

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      1. Thank you! That was very helpful. Also I have another question. As I’m wearing my starter trays I’m worried they aren’t tight enough. Everyone says how theirs are super tight. Mine are snug but not tight. Is that a problem?


      2. Your starter trays are just to try to help ypu get used to the feeling of wearing them. That tray won’t move your teeth at all. When you get your 1st set of real trays they will make your teeth sore. I’m on my third real tray, about to move to my fourth. The first hurt the longest and the worst and now I know when I put in a new tray it hurts for the first two days. As long as each tooth is in the tray and everything else feels comfortable, you’re fine.


  3. Hi faith its me again. So i finally got my treatment plan today and I’m having trouble deciding what I want to do. I have several questions that Id really like answered before I decide, so I was wondering if I could message you privately maybe via email or facebook or something?

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  4. Hi! I just got my starter trays in the mail yesterday and didn’t really feel pain except my gums were getting scratched by the plastic so I had to file that down. But this morning I woke up in pain after wearing them all night to the point where I had to take them out. Are you saying that your teeth/mouth did in fact hurt as well from just the starter trays? And did the pain go away at all? I thought the starter trays were not supposed to hurt since they weren’t shifting your teeth yet til tray 1. If you could answer that would be super helpful.


    1. Yes my teeth and sometimes mouth will hurt when putting in a new set of trays. This typically lasts for about a week for me. After that they aren’t as tight or painful. The starter trays are not actually shifting your teeth but they should still fit quite snuggly which will cause some pain.


  5. Hi there – Can you tell me how long you are suppose to keep the whitener on? My directions don’t state this information.
    Thank you


  6. Hi! I just got my starter trays and they fit great. Although I am a bit worried- my “Starter Tray Guide” said to call a number to confirm the fit of the start trays. I called the number and the woman sounded like she had no clue as to why I was calling. She even told me she was calling me to set up my 3D scan when she did not have my name….and as I said I called her. I’m a little worried now, considering. Will they contact me for payment? She said the trays should be shipped within the next couple of weeks I believe. But all I paid for was the Impression Kit. I know you do not work for Smile Care Club but, help?!


    1. Emily, that sounds a little awkward. I would call their customer service or send them a private message on Facebook & request to speak to someone in charge. As far as payment they should request payment once they emailed your treatment plan. You’re payment plan should have been established then.


  7. So you’re actually supposed to wear the starter tray ? I haven’t because I thought I was just supposed to try them on and then call and say they fit


      1. Hi, I just got my treatment plan and it says I will only need my trays for about 6 months. I’m worried that this won’t be enough time because I have some crowding issues. How is your progress? Does this work as well as they claim it does?


      2. Hello Lauren,
        Each treatment plan is different as each persons teeth are different. Mine were pretty bad and took 20 sets of trays (I am on my 15th), so about a year give or take. So far my progress has been great, theres a large difference but I won’t post that until I am in my final tray set. Everything has been fine & any questions I have had along the way, Smile Care’s customer service has been very helpful. Lauren if you have any uncertainties please call them. They can answer any concerns or questions and explain why they choose that package for you.


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