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Ugh.. I finished it 😦 I miss it I must admit. I finished about 2 weeks ago. Guys let me tell you, this really worked for me. I lost weight AND inches. I went from 142 to 124! I list inches from my waist, butt and thighs as well. I gained muscle. OBVIOUS muscle, and not just that but I am STRONGER. I did an obstacle course last weekend. Something i never thought I could do. But I cant stay here forever…I shall return beloved Focus T25.

I have been on P90X3 for two weeks now. Eh. I am not loving it. I dont feel like I am gaining anything from it and am afraid I could be losing everything I worked so hard for. I am sticking it out for another week and then if I dont notice or feel a change happening, we may look at Insanity Max 30. I am not a quitter BUT if it is not working for me I am not wasting my time.

That said I am not saying I do not see it’s benefits. But so far I see them more on the side of Yoga and flexibility, which I LOVE…on my off days -_-

I will give it more time. The cardio is okay but I do not feel like there is quite enough resistance. Or maybe it is just because its only the second week?

Wish me luck! If you have a workout program you love, comment below(:


2 thoughts on “Focus T25…COMPLETE!

  1. I actually used to see results with Beach Body’s Insanity– my cousin and I both did a half-ass attempt (every other day since we lived far apart) and STILL managed to both lose about 10-15 lbs. I know if I needed to lose weight quick (2 months) then I would definitely do it again full-swing and see results 🙂

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