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Buttons to the left…Buttons to the right…

Hello Everybody!

So if you are on my blog (which if you are reading this then you must be(: ) please look to your left….Your other left Junior…and under my picture there you see my quote :

A bunch of little things that make up 1 BIG thing…It’s Life. Deal with it & Love it ❤

And beneath that are 4 icons. The first one is an ‘f’. This icon will take you to my facebook page. Go ahead, shoot me a friend request 🙂 I will accept.

We have an eye-looking icon which will take you to Ebates. I wrote a page on them, I really love them and suggest you sign up. I have been paid out 2X and its super easy. You just shop through them when you shop online to get money back on what you are already buying.

Then there is the WordPress ‘W’ which takes you to my about me page. And finally 1 more Eye-looking icon which takes you to DIY Themes which is for WordPress. You can develop your own skins and tools and everything. It looks really neat and will have to try that out soon. I am also an affiliate for DIY. Please click & look to see if these things may interest you (: But you truly should create an account on Ebates..Its AWESOME!

Peace out ya’ll!


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