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Yup, we are there. Actually We have just finished the first week 🙂 Be proud 🙂

It’s actually not THAT Bad, its a lot of weights which I am really enjoying. It’s pretty fun BUT I hate hate HATE Speed 3.0. Sorry, I do.

So I finished the first week and unlike the other round (Alpha & Beta) there only 4 weeks in this round instead of 5 weeks. I will be kind of sad when I am finished 😦 I have a couple other programs lined up after, one of which is P90X X3. I think that is the one I will do.

Okay..Picture time!! All of my measurements are pretty much the same so I will wait until next week to follow through with those and post them. My weight is 125 pound but I my goal is still 122lbs. If i dont get it from Gamma hopefully it will come by then end of P90X X3. BUT I do need to cut the sugar out of my diet. Skinny cows. Thats my weakness. And Starbucks Frappacuinos.

In some of these you may only notice a subtle difference but I JUST Started Gamma so keep an open mind. Mostly I FEEL the difference. I am much stronger. So here are the Before and Afters. Before are during the beginning of Alpha (on the left) and After is now (on the right).

PicMonkey Collage Back Front Left Right

And here are a couple more from now:

Front.Back Beta End

Just to show more of the ab definition and back strength.

Lets keep it going!!


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