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I am in love with a Bully

It’s true.I am in love with a big ole Bully. I adopted my pit bull a little more than two years ago. I had heard pit bulls were mean but I had worked with many in the vet’s office and never came across a more loving breed, so when I found her I just KNEW.

Her then mommy brought her by my apartment one day for me to see her and see how we interacted. She wanted to make sure she was giving her precious Bull a loving home. The girl had been offered a job states away and could not take her beloved pet.

As soon as our eyes connected it was immediate love. She jumped up to greet me and pulled her mom up the stairs to my apartment door. As soon as she walked in she sniffed around and found a nice comfy spot on the floor. She was sold….Or I was sold. 🙂

Her mom turned to me “So what do you think?”

I said without a single doubt “I want her.”

“I brought her stuff in case you would say that. I can leave her today,” she said, her eyes welling with tears.

“I really want her. Yes if you are sure, I want to go ahead and take her.”

“Okay, let me get her stuff and say goodbye.”

Even still it brings tears to my eyes to see them two. They had a love connection and I was tearing that apart.

It took no time for me & Maddie to connect. That day we walked and she met tons of new people. I found out quickly she is not a fan of men or children and she doesnt take well to random people moving in too quickly to pet her.  Don’t get the wrong idea though, this girl has never even tried to bite anybody, just bark. Loudly 🙂

She wasn’t noisy, didn’t bark unless we were playing, and she showed no signs of being aggressive, even if I took a toy from her or for some reason, her food.

She slept in my bed, had run of the house and was the best Spooner I have ever had the pleasure of snuggling with.

Maddie has shown me an unconditional and rewarding love. I have had multiple dogs growing up but this dog & I we had a serious bond.

Maddie has been there through breakups, fights, work stress, life stress, and every time I cry this dog comes to me and lays her head  by me. Like she is trying to soothe me and tell me “It will be okay, I am here for you.” I have never felt a love so real and so pure. Even after all the times this poor Bully has gotten herself in trouble (because she still wants to be a puppy) and I have had to whoop her, her love has not faltered.

As the months went by and we were living our lives, a man entered into both of our worlds and soon we became a family. As much as I know my Bully loves this man, I see and feel that still their connection is not quite as deep as ours and that is something I am secretly/openly proud of: that this wonderful Pit Bull chose me to spend the rest of her life with, and trusts me to protect her, provide for her and love her no matter what.

So sure, say Pit Bulls are a mean or aggressive breed. Walk on the other side of the road when we walk. Look at her in fear because of who she is, but you have no clue about this dog. You do not know how many times she has been there for me. Or how many kisses I have been doused in. You cannot even begin to comprehend the amount of love we have for each other. Her loyalty, her trust.

Here I vow to forever cherish this wonderful gift God brought into my life. To protect her, provide for her, play with her, and love her with all of my heart – down to the very last chewed up pair of even my most expensive panties. ❤



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