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Another Money Maker?

Most of us are probably all always on the lookout for ways to supplement our income. I know I am. Even an extra $200 a week will put gas in my car, assist with groceries, or just splurge on an awesome pair of shoes. Or maybe you have been needing to get your wisdom teeth out like I have 2 left to remove 🙂

Anyways, whatever your reason lets check out

So here is where you can sign up:

Initially you get $30 in your payout. You can do up to 3 surveys a day and get paid $14 a survey. so that’s $42 a day (doesn’t sound like much) or $294 a week!$300 extra a week, I can use that.

Also, if you post your own link when people use that to sign up you get extra monies. If 10 people sign up through your link you get $150. You get $15 for each involved partner PLUS 15% of their everyday earnings.

I am doing it right now. I am watching a video. It was 15 seconds long. Now I am taking the survey. There were 8 questions about the product in the video. Basically was i interested in the product, did I know about it, would I recommend it. That sort of thing. Now, I have $44 in my balance, since I got $30 for signing up and $14 for that survey. Let’s do another.

This one is 30 seconds long and is about Window 8 Operating System. Same types of questions but now….I have…$58 dollars in my account. Hmm…This is so simple! Lets do the final one and then…Lets payout yea?

Okay the final video was the Swatch video. Some type of watch. Now we have $72 in our account. Lets go ahead and try to payout. I used my paypal. Okay so heres the catch, there is a $500 payout minimum BUT, that will only take 2 weeks to concur as long as you do 3 surveys everyday right? I Will keep you posted on this for. If you want to, wait for me to payout before you sign up, but you dont have anything to lose right? Only 2 minutes of you time each day? Thats like less than 30 minutes out of those 2 weeks it takes you to get to $500. You should try it out 🙂


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