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Earn Money to Shop

Have you heard of Ebates?

Its actually pretty cool. I ALWAYS shop online. Now I get paid to 🙂

So Ebates gives a certain percentage or sometimes just a dollar amount when you shop through them. So far I have earned over $100 and I haven’t had it long.

I shop through them and earn money then they pay out every few months to to my Paypal account. I mean, I am shopping online anyways so heck yes I should get some money back! It is not type of get rich scheme, but it IS legit and its YOUR money.

Check them out and sign up here:

You aren’t losing anything to sign up but you are losing possible dollars in your account by not taking two minutes to click the link & start an account. Once you start the account you add a button to your browser and everytime you shop it comes up to remind you to shop through them. SO EASY!!

P.S. when you sign up after making a password click that someone referred you and enter my address okay? Its I really appreciate it! It gives me  a few bucks, hey I’d do the same for you!


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