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Straighten Teeth at Home for Less than Half of Invisalign…….Wait what???

Read the headline. Read it again. Wait…no way… seriously.

…noo….wait for real?

Yes. for real.


Okay so pay attention. Closer attention buddy I need you to really hear me right now. I had braces back in 2008. My teeth were awful from thumb sucking as a child. After my braces I had gorgeous teeth. Check out my most recent Instagram photo. I mean absolutely flawless smile. It even changed the SHAPE of my smile.

Unfortunately my rents kicked me out at 17 and I was living with friends bouncing from house to house and eventually lost my much needed retainer. So here we are…almost 6 years later with much shifted teeth and an almost unattractive smile. Its definitely not a big smile like back in ’09.

I started feeling crappy about it and finally set up a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss a spring retainer I had heard about. Apparently if you have had braces before and your teeth have only shifted slightly, you can qualify for this. Unfortunately I did not because two of my bottom teeth have turned instead of shifted. So there the doc stood..recommending braces again…well I cant likely do the metal ones right? I mean I work in a highly professional environment. I would choose Invisalign I told him. If I had to do this route. $1500 down and $200 for 20 months…WHAT??!!  Thats my frickin car payment are you serious?? Or $5300 if paid at once he said….-__-….f*** you I should have said…but I didnt. I will save up for it I said and politely walked away. Crying to my boyfriend on the phone about how I was becoming self conscious of my smile and didnt know how in the world I would ever, EVER be able to afford that. He , of course being a guy, said baby your smile is perfect. No..hunni no.

There I am at work sulking and trying as hard as I can to search online for ways to even cut the Invisalign price in half. No such luck. And then…I found this site at the very bottom..”Insivible over $3500 from VS Competitor.” I clicked on it like what a scam who would even be dumb enough to try this.

I started to read and research and everything I could because their treatment plans ranged from like $900-$2000 dollars!! Vs $6000???? umm..YES! YES PLEASE!

I searched the BBB and Facebook and google etc. It was totally legit AND the starter kit which gets your impressions was originally $95 and I got it off of Living Social for $49!! YES! Keeps getting better doesnt it?

Look, it isnt too good to be true they just sort of cut out that middle man. I am 23 years old I can take impressions of my own teeth. You do everything at home, yourself, so there is no need to be wasting a doctors time. If you need to you can call their professional staff 24/7.

Anyways, so I bought my Living Social deal and signed up. You take some pictures of your teeth upload them and send them in to see if you are a qualified candidate. If youre teeth are severely crooked you probably need original metal braces. So you might not be able to do this.

Once I uploaded my pictures within…24 hours? a little less, I received an email that said I was good to go and a tracking number where they have shipped out my starter kit so I can take my impressions PLUS a free whitening kit worth $200. COOL! 🙂

Now once I receive this and do impressions and they get those they will decide which plan I need to go on according to how badly my teeth have shifted. After that they start sending me my personalized aligners.

If at any time I am not happy they will stop and any remaining amount I paid for future aligners they will refund me. If when you get the Impression Kit you think, eh no thanks, they will refund the $95. Thanks guys!

Oh wait…you still don’t know who they are do you? Okay look I will tell you because I feel everybody should have beautiful teeth. But do me a favor? If they asked who referred you tell them Faith Engen did okay? Will you do that please? Thanks 🙂 I really appreciate it. Now go to Smile Care Club 🙂 Thats Don’t take my word for it, search. Do your OWN research. Be mindful though there is a Smile Care out in CA with some bad reviews, these are NOT the same people. Totally different. I have read about their CEO Doug too, look him up. He ran into the same issue I did with Invisalign.

What are you waiting for??? Gosh! Go sign up today!!!

**I am in no way paid or in alliance with SmileCareClub. I have written this piece of my own accord because I am excited for the opportunity to be able to afford to take care of my health and appearance. **


6 thoughts on “Straighten Teeth at Home for Less than Half of Invisalign…….Wait what???

    1. Hey Kate. I am still in the process of capturing my impressions. That is why I have not updated this post. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly and I can answer your question later on 🙂


    2. Hello Kate, Just to let you know Sunday evening my impressions were FINALLY approved 😀 😀 😀 so they have sent me my plan and when I receive my starter trays (can take about 21 days) then I will begin reviewing more with current pictures of my teeth and explaining the process so far. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Faith, I’m wondering how your aligners are going at this point? I’ve been reading a lot about this and I’m really wanting to try it. I haven’t really found reviews from people that have gone all the way through it. What do you think?


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