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Focus T25 UPDATE!! Beta Week 3 Day 4:


I know i know I have not blogged in FOREVER and I am truly sorry my loving audience! You missed me yea? Comment that you missed me ;*-

Okay anyways, Ill just take your word for it. So here I am…more than half way done with the Beta cycle??? And I havent even cheated?? Say whhhaaaaa…

Gamma is the finale and I will be very sad. It has truly been a journey. Next I feel like starting on Insanity Max 30 but we shall see.

Okay stats wont come until this weekend. I havent weighed myself in 3 weeks..oops. okay so I cheated on that BUT there is a legitimate reason. I cancelled my planet fitness membership which was also my scale 🙂 Hey, i am work-out-at-home-junkie now..I dont need a gym I AM the gym 🙂 #beastmode

So I bought myself a nice pretty scale off of amazon (yes I weighed myself when I got no I am not sharing) and can get back on track with my Saturday Stats.

I am SEXY. Im sorry but there it is. Not because I am thinner, but because I am STRONGER. I am sculpted and defined and feel beyond proud of my body. I cant wait to go to the beach. I have had a bikini obsession! I mean last year at this time I was crying because no bikini looked perfect and cute on me. This year I loved shopping for bikinis because i look amazing. My stomach my back and shoulders my thighs everything!

The downfall is it is sooo expensive losing weight. My feet shrank…a whole shoe size. Ive had to buy new training shoes, flats and heels. Its truly ridiculous. But I always wanted small feet. Maybe it will make me shorter. I would like to be liek 5’1″ 🙂 I am not. I am a very average 5’4″. boo 😦

Anywho, let me just say its been so much fun and i will cry when it ends. Then I will try another challenge and be just as excited yea? Awesome 🙂

Hey….I love you like a brother…or a sister 🙂 Keep reading 🙂


One thought on “Focus T25 UPDATE!! Beta Week 3 Day 4:

  1. Congrats on the ‘sexy’! 🙂 The weights, workouts, and sculpting can do that for a body. And you are right, it IS expensive to lose weight or tone up. You can jokingly tell people now that you have a high priced body, cause that’s what it takes; money. Good luck! Thanks for following my blog.


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