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Catching Up

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers!

I would really just like to post something since I feel like it has been FOREVER since I had written to your beautiful screens!

First, my Shaun T Focus T25 is still in play. In fact, I am on the Alpha Phase (still) week 4 Day 3 Lower Focus. So I have one more full week to go before going Beta!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Total Body Circuit is still kicking my butt and forcing me to sweat like a mofo, get out of me bad impurities you!

Other than that my diet is holding up well. I have introduced myself to Asparagus (I used to fear it :/) I actually LOVE it. Steamed with some lemon pepper salt & a squeeze of lemon juice, YUM! And quinoa is now a favorite of mine as well.

Okay so seriously I have felt pretty good lately, maybe its the weather. The sun is starting to shine and its been in the 60s (NC Girl 🙂 ) so walks have been daily and I am scoping out a new bike 🙂 I canNOT wait to hit the beach 😀 And show off my forming abdominals 🙂

I am so ready to sun tan, the bed is not the same as laying out carefree lazing around soaking up some rays.

So school starts this summer. Studying some good ole business classes. FINALLY going to get my Associates which will make me feel more accomplished to hold a degree. Eventually I plan to get a masters. Can you get a masters degree online? Probably. You can do pretty much anything online. Anyways hopefully it will not interfere with my workout schedule or anything. I work 8-6 each day and am afraid when I start school that it might take up all of my time. However I do get an hour lunch and have right before bed to study. I dont know. I want to do really good in all of my classes. I have to maintain at least a B since my boss has agreed to pay half of my tuition.

Okay guys so I will write more on the Focus T25 challenge or this weekend or next. Wish me luck. Have a great life!


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