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Manwich Stuffed Peppers

So I am doing MUCH better on my eating, however the other night I decided to allow myself a bit of a treat…STUFFED PEPPERS!!! …..oh heres the “treat” part…WITH MANWICH!!!! 🙂

Peppers are amazing for you, manwich not so so much. But it is better to use this way instead of piling high on bread, plus it tastes great. My pepper was amazing juicy. Heres the recipe:


-1 can of Manwich (I dont use the whole can its too much & messy, I just use enough to coat my meat)

-1 lb. ground beef (lean as you can find it!)

-Bell Peppers (Any of your choice, I thought the red have more flavor)

-Shredded Cheddar Cheese

How To:

Get a pan nice and hot and brown the beef, once it is halfway browned start a pan for you peppers. I just sprayed the bottom with a bit of pam and turned it up to about 4.

While it heats up take the stem off the peppers and half them(cut from stem to bottom vertically) and clean out the seeds and white membrane part. Then wash and throw in the pan with a lid on top. Let them brown a bit on both side (I cooked mine until my meat was done and the manwich was in the pan and hot).

Throw the Manwich in with the beef, if you had really lean beef you should not need to drain this. Mix and heat up.

Keep your peppers in the pan and fill them with Manwich mixture. Top with cheese and put the lid back on. Wait for a minute then put on a plate and Viola!


And here they are!!! Yumm…yes I ate both!


4 thoughts on “Manwich Stuffed Peppers

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