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Focus T25 10 Week Challenge: DAY 1

Ho-LA everybody!!

So here I am with muscles and all eating all this “clean” food. What is clean food? Mostly raw stuff && meats. A bunch of leafy vegetables, nuts, egg whites, Salmon, Tuna, Turkey etc. No pasta, bread or rice for this girl!

Of course, I expect immediate results. Who doesn’t? But after days of Jillian Michaels screaming at me, sweat pouring off my face, and counting calories, carbs and logging anything that goes past these lips, I STILL have 5 pounds to lose & a lower belly that curves outwards instead of being nice and flat 🙂

That is where Shaun T comes in.I am a dedicated fitness guru. I work out every single day and hard too. Rest days I either do cardio, yoga or both! Initially I though about Insanity. My cardio is good but plyometrics can really kick my booty. So I figured I would start off with Focus T25 for 10 short weeks and then move up to the most INSANE workout EVER!!!

Heres my game plan: I still want to lose 5 pounds and really push my body. I have a Mud Run coming up in May and want to get strong and see what I can do. I can motivate myself to workout hard if I keep a detailed picture of how I want to look and feel. I plan to keep my diet the same which is continuing to eat clean. No sugar, pasta, rice or bread and watch my carbs expect not so much on the weekends. My caloric intake is 1300 and I raise that slightly on weekends. It’s a different workout each day so there is no way I should get bored.

Today: I am to do Cardio and take my measurements. I will also take pictures and post those after the first month. With my Cardio today I also plan to do Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno 1. So that will be about 45 minutes of working out altogether.  Later this evening I will list my measurements. I also plan to keep a handwritten journal for this stuff as well.

C’mon. 10 weeks is nothing really. I already workout every single day! We can do this ::) This time in April we will be done right? And moving onto Insantiy. And then ChaLean Extreme!! We’ve got this! Wish me luck!!



I have started on the Shaun T Focus T25 but I started in the middle of the week and it’s schedule starts on Monday so bear with me. I haven’t taken my measurements yet because I am going to wait until I finish the first full week as it has you taking them on the Saturday of each completed week.

I began on Wednesday I believe so Monday I am starting over and continuing on. So far I have done Cardio and Speed 1.0. Cardio was wednesday and the Speed 1.0 was yesterday. And I do a 20 minute yoga session after each workout.

Cardio I am used to so this wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It has more plyometrics (jumping)  than I usually do but I made it through this one pretty strong.

Speed 1.0 I “barely made it” (as the schedule checklist says) because it was almost like cardio but not? It was fast! I had a hard time because I couldnt really follow their moves. I had to take a minute watch what they were doing and try to repeat it. By the time I got it down pat we were moving onto the next complicated thing. So  I hope next time may go better since I have already done it once. It did have a good bit of stretching in it so you kind of get breaks here and there which for some could be good. It helps you catch your breath.

Today is Friday which is when you do 2 workouts. It shows me doing cardio again and Lower Focus which I assume may be a lot of leg work. I plan to do cardio first, do my 20 minutes of yoga and then go to lower focus. I may be too out of breath to jump straight from cardio to Lower Focus. That will be a full70 minute workout. Both of Shaun T’s are 25 minutes and then my 20 minute yoga.

This weekend is Valentines day so Saturday I may only get time for a short yoga workout and then Sunday I may do a Jillian Michaels video and yoga.

Monday I will start over and begin again with some more Cardio so wish me luck there haha. Overall its been pretty good I think. I feel good it almost feels like you are dancing when youre doing these videos and my yoga gives me a good stretch so I have not had any soreness. My diet has been the same, yesterday I had:

Breakfast 7a.m.:

3/4 Cups Old Fashioned oats w/ cinnamon

3/4 Liquid Egg Whites

1 Cup Green Tea

Snack (1) 10:30a.m.

FitMiss Delight Banana Cream Meal Replacement shake blended with banana

1 Tbl Peanut Butter

2 Leaves Kale

Lunch 12:30p.m.:

1 Cup Raw Spinach

1 Cup Baked Chicken

Snack (2) 2:30p.m:

1 Medium HoneyCrisp Apple

Before Workout Snack 4:00p.m:

1 Fiber One Chocolate Chip Cookie

Dinner 7:00p.m.:

1 6 oz. Baked Salmon Filet w/ Lemon

1 Cup Spinach Salad

Calories: 1,271

I will update this the end of next week with measurements and how I am doing and feeling with this.Thanks for reading guys!!


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