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Skyla IUD Month Update

Update: February 6 @ 4:25p.m.

Erryybody!! Hello again.  It has been almost 1 1/2 months since I have had skyla. I have had sex multiple times and my period since having it once. There have been no issues. My mood is Bette I do not nitpick my boyfriend which he loves! I do not constantly bleed although before and after periods I spot on and off for roughly a week but its so little. It does not hurt I have no cramps but I have experienced headaches often but I have for most my life. Skyla could contribute to it now but its worth it!!! Its worry free you cannot feel it and its with me for 3 years. I workout 30 minutes every day and do yoga on the weekends and eat really clean and have not had any weight issues either. So I just pray it stays this way and I will see it again in 3 when it comes out and a new one is inserted!! I would recommend this before mirena as well. Mirena might stay more years but its more artificial hormones and there have been reported numerous negative effects. But, each body reacts differently. So who knows. Anyways good luck to any of you planning on getting an IUD(:


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