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New IUD: Skyla

So it’s about 6 hours until my IUD goes in….I’m already feeling nervous as hell. My stomach feels sick and I’m really cold. I am freaking out on what this thing could do to my body and the potential pain during insertion. My boyfriend has heating pads ready at home as well as a ginormous bottle of ibuprofen and chocolate bars. He will be here around 3 to take me to my appointment for 330. Nerves are tearing up my stomach really bad…

I have decided to log throughout this process due to the multiple horror stories and I am hopeful that maybe my story will help give other women a better idea of this process.
After careful and long consideration I settled on Skyla. A sister IUD to Myrena. Its slightly smaller and gives off a smaller dose of hormones. I came off of Tri Cyclen Lo after having to pay $119 for 1 month supply. Unfortunately there is no generic form of this out there yet that has the low dose of hormones as this had. Except for Skyla. But it is a different hormone.
Now I am no prone to have issues with hormones, however I do not like the thought of having synthetic hormones enter my body and them have the ability to affect my mood, sex drive , weight or anything else. I work hard to manage my weight and keep my skin clear, plus I do not want something to mess with my emotions etc.

There were horror stories about all of the IUDs. Myrena has lawsuits, Skyla is too new, and Paraguard puts too much copper into your body that just makes many people sick. Now fellow readers please listen to me okay? Are you listening? If someone has a bad experience they tell 10 people or rave about it on the internet, if someone has a good experience they may tell 1 person and probably never say anything else about it. That is just us. So if you can, resist the urge to look up experiences with IUDs because you will be in my shoes, freaking out and probably over nothing. Or for legitimate reasons, we do not know yet I will keep you up dated on that though I promise. Everybody is different, keep that in mind.

Okay, so, appointment is in a few hours, taking a bunch of ibuprofen beforehand, worried about how bad it may potentially hurt, worried of what it could do. I am a huge workout fanatic so I am a little concerned about how it may affect my routine as well as in the bedroom.

I will give you an update once it is done! Thanks everyone! Wish me luck


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