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New IUD: Skyla **UPDATE**

Okay so its been about 2 hours since my insertion. Let me tell you yes insertion hurts. Imagine a needle going up in you farther then you have ever felt and it sticking for a minute or so. I was in tears but the nurse kept breathing with me which really helped. I took 800mg of ibuprfen about 30 minutes before.

Afterwards I can’t really tell you if it hurt or if I was just so shaky I didnt notice. Mostly I was afraid to move because i mean it is something new and you aren’t sure what to do. My doctor went over everything and I have a follow up appointment in about 4 weeks.
Right now I have a heating pad over my tummy. It doesnt really hurt but Im afraid of what is to come. I am to take 400-800mg of motrin every few hours. There is a little bit of bleedng which is very normal.

If you have questions let me know. I will update every couple of days or so.

January 5, 2015

5 days after Insertion:

Hey Guys!! I wanted to check in and let you know how everything is with my new Skyla. I really havent had issues me and my boyfriend test drove it last night. After sex I felt a very mild cramping, just like a tightness but nothing major at all. Im very excited everything is going smooth but still worried about having my first cycle with it.

I will keep you updated when that happens! 🙂


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