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It Always Ends in Poop


Chapter 1: Crowning

It happens so often, there we are: my boyfriend, his mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother and his girlfriend and myself, just sitting around having a halfway decent conversation. I believe we were discussing something about sports. Now although sports are not at all my forte it was definately a much more decent conversation than what could be typical of us.

I’m sorry, how rude of me. Allow me to introduce everyone. Hello there! I am Karen, I will be telling you all the interesting tid bits about our poo poo stories. I share these with my boyfriend Chris, his brother Steve, their parents Bryan and Sherry, an Steve’s girlfriend Brittany. Oh yes and the boys grandma and grandpa.

Now typicall your partners parents may make you feel aprehendsive and such, Chris’ parents just make me laugh. They are more like his friends than anything which at 25 it’s time for Chris to make his own decisions in life so their parenting is pretty much done.

Anyways lets get on with it shall we? I am sure you dying to here all the poopy details! So grab some toilet, poopouri, and take a seat somewhere comfy (like the toilet in the bathroom?) we’re going to be here for awhile.

Chapter 2: Push a Little Harder

Everytime we all get together it never fails for our talks to lead to toilets, farts or pooping. Its a hot topic in the family. So why should this evening be any different? Actually it was Granpa’s birthday. I still have no idea how old he was turning and i doubt he knew either. He wasn’t senile or anything, he’s just a character that’s for sure!

We were all muching on baked turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. There were rolls and corn on the cob with lemon cake for desert yum! I believe we were discussing…actually I have no idea what we were discussing haha. Until Chris’ Grandpa said “Hey guys, there was this bear and this rabbit. And the bear said ‘Hey Rabbit, does poop stick to your fur really bad?’ And the rabbit said ‘No, why?’ Then the bear grabbed the rabbit and wiped his butt with him! Hahaha.” We all just laughed not at the joke itself but how once again our conversation had turned inevitably to talking about poop.

Chapter 3: Hallelujah

All sitting around, just finished opening presents, Christmas music played on the tv and the tree was lit and bright, and we were lsitening to Steve and Bryan discuss the new toilet plunger, such fun! Here it was, this device that resembled a fire place bellow, you attache it to the bowel of the toilet and when its stopped up you close the lid and push it up and down like a bellow movement. They were laughing, the kind of laugh that made them clench their gut. Steve said he could imagine taking the bellow off the bowl of the toilet and all the poop from down under coming up from where it was sucked in. Totally grosed out Brittany and myself made a face and a simaltaneous “Eww!”, meanwhile the guys continued that gut clenching laugh.

Chapter 4: Pull, Pull, Pull, Pull. Wipe, Wipe, Wipe, Wipe.

Okay this will be the last one I tell, there are so many I just picked a couple to share with you. I wish that the world could experience some of the laughs that this family brings to each other. Even over the silliest things.

Most of us were sitting around telling stories about pooping at work. For the most part I do not think many girls do this so it was pretty much the guys telling these stories. Now at this round everyone was laughing because this is truely hysterical.

Steve said when he was at work once a coworker came into the stall beside him. Steve wasn’t paying attention to the other fellow until he heard something that made him listen a little closer for he thouht his ears HAD to of decieved him.

In the stall beside of his he heard the guy “pull, pull, pull” the toilet paper, “riiiip” the paper off and then…”scrub” his butt…wait what? “No seriously”, said Steve. “It sounded like this.” Steve took his forearm and took his other hand, he moved his hand up and down his forearm quickly making a scrubbing noise. The guy did it again “pull, pull, pull” the toilet paper, “riiiip” the paper off and then….”srub” his butt. At this point we were all dying at this obscenity.

Chapter 5: Flush

We all have those crazy or embarrassing families. Now I do not find my boyfriend’s parents embarrassing I just find them at times highly inappropiate and it makes me laugh. People take life too seriously a lot of times, so why not enjoy the little things in life that make us laugh? Maybe you should try it sometime. Go ahead, don’t be afraid to end it all with a little poop.


5 thoughts on “It Always Ends in Poop

    1. Carlos-Your words are so true. That quality of honesty is so powerful and wonderful-and so is that unselfed expression of humility for all we are, for God’s ideas that include evpbsone.  |&nbse;&nryp;


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