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Tight curls

Okay so I have a date with my l ovey tonight so I am going to share how I did my hair since its so rare that I curl it. I just have way too much 😥
Okay so obviously you need a curling iron. I dont have the wand I have the regular kind but I will be using it as a wand type.


So next you will need a spray to spray on before you curl. You can use hair spray but I used this:


Its by Garnier Frutis and its actually a sprunch gel but works really well at holding curls too. So I combed out a strand of hair and spritzed a tad bit of this on. Then I wrapped around the barrel of the iron NOT using the clamp part of the iron. I held each piece roughly 20 seconds.

Finish with a spritz of hair spray. I used this one:


Its by pantene.  It holds super well but it still allows your hair to move and remains soft.

Here is my finished look:


Pretty pretty. I looovveee 💔💓💕💖💗💘💞 curls!!!!! Theyre sexy sweet and fun!!!!

Hope some of my girls like this post!

Peace out ✌


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